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Study shows link between Italian Dark Coffee and PCa

A recent study shows a decrease in PCa and drinking at least 3 cups of dark Italian coffee a day.

The incidence of new PCa cases dropped significantly, and lab tests of coffee extract on PCa cells showed a decrease in activity that would lead to mets. Since I normally drink 3 or more cups of dark Italian roast coffee every day (or Cuban coffee) I am please to read of this. Ciao!!

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Hi, I have APC and I run everything by my doctors at Stanford. If there is a study, I research it and bring my questions to appointments. IF you cite 'a recent study' please provide the link. IF you find a great new _____________ (fill in the blank; treatment, supplement, herb, etc.) please provide how/why/Dr. Who/citations/studies etc. Even though our collective battle unites us against a singular foe; it's critical that we share and disagree without being disagreeable.

Thanks for letting me share. See following post for some more info and a confession..

But here's an answer to your study. Coffee cannot be singled out. This cancer has numerous triggers, from the purely unlucky cell division that goes haywire, to lack of excercise and diet (they go hand in hand), to others unknown. Diet seems to be the largest factor; the so-called western diet is pegged as causal in the US. If you look at other countries whose diet is grains, fish, nuts, fruits and veggies, the incidence of PCa is low: Mediterranean diets, Asian, etc. Foods that are high-fat, high calorie, esp red meat and few veggies/fruits is a big contributor to PCa. Coupled with inactivity, it can be unleashed.

Enjoy your coffee!

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Thanks for your post. One question: Did you read the article in the link? Normally I would not post if I did not see some reasonable scientific rigor backing up the claim. It all seemed to point to the effects of caffeine on PCa, both in a wide cohort and in in-vitro. It certainly showed evidence that the strong coffee drinkers fared better than non-drinkers.

Best of luck in your continuing journey.

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Very good. I agree with you findings.Thanks!

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