Is anyone using Keytruda?

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  • No, but if you go by what the ad says, chances are it''ll kill you first.

  • If we worried about the side effects every man had from any drug , we would not do any of them, some men have no problem and often a small percentage have a problem. Here is a paper on Keytruda by noted researcher TM Beer. The paper says of 10 men 3 had complete response down to <.01 psa, one all the way from psa 2553, another 3 had stable disease out to 50 weeks, to me I am very interested in Keytruda, here is the paper.

  • Dr. Scholz suggested adding it with others once ADT/ chemo stop working.

  • Well said Dan, as you usually do. What a rational viewpoint!

    I am eagerly waiting until I complete my 2 year continuous ADT2 on 30 April 2017 with my PSA at 0.008 throughout the period since RP, adjuvant IMRT plus ADT, to refer my case for your valuable advice - what next to do? although I have my own plans. I was diagnosed in March 2015 at 68 years T2cNoMx GS9 with positive surgical margins.

    Best wishes to Blair 77 and everybody's friend Dan.


  • Dan59,

    Very good post. You said it very well. I read the link. I'm going to have to have a cup of coffee and read it again. Thank you for adding to this thread, it is refreshing to read well thought out, intelligent Responses.

  • Do You know what else Dr Scholtz adds to it? Is it in a clinical trial. I noticed some new trials with Keytruda when you type its other name Pembrolizumab

    and prostate into the page. Here are the trials

  • It says if PSA stops declining on Casodex start provenge with spot radiation and keytruda. Not part of a clinical trial just use off label.

  • Keytruda no- maybe next - my husband Mike just finished zytiga then Provenge Immunetherapy- side effects much like chemo for provenge Immunetherapy-left him very weak for a couple of weeks - chills, fever - no appetite - won't know for a couple of months if the provenge shrunk the prostate cancer tumors -took zytiga 4 months - did not shrink the cancer tumors one bit -

  • My husband tried it half dosage as a last ditch effort. To be fair, his liver was in bad shape when he tried it. I know the PCF had studies that some of the responses to it were amazing depending on the person and, I think, their genetics. I will always wonder if perhaps he should have tried it earlier instead of depleting his resources with chemo after it started not to work:(

  • Blaire 77 and others:

    Timely question. A good friend last week shared his experience with a Keytruda trial he is in the midst of and what his experience is thus far and his research. (He is a patient). His comment were taped and if you contact me at 808-298-1655 I can tell you how to get a hold of him and access his taped comments. Not many guys are using Keytruda as yet and these comments are quite useful.


  • I am having my third infusion of keytruda tomorrow. I have been diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer for 4.5 years. Abiraterone was best but as with all drugs they eventually stop working. The Keytruda took my PSA from 685 to 406 in three weeks. But just bounced up in blood work today to 591.. Scheduled for another infusion tomorrow and I suspect it will go through. Another possibiity is to combine my Keytruda with olaparib (Lynparza). I think odds go up to about 80 percent with that combo. We may see. As you travel this path you have to take chances and try novel things... otherwise you die way too soon.