Does anyone know of a legit Pharmacy in Canada? My son needs medication but cannot aford it here. Here the Celebrex costs $24537.8I. A month. I Would like a reputable pharmacy please......he's my Man/Child ;) Thank you so very very much. Some of the Canadian sites want $99.00 for 90 pills of generic Celebrex including shipping and Handling. Thanks so much for any input.


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  • Avoid the Canadian mail order pharmacies..most of them source the drugs out to Turkey and Thailand which are mostly counterfeit. To combat the competition from Canada U.S. drug companies limit a pharmacy to the amount of drugs they could normally sell the mail order pharmacies are just middlemen who source out the drugs for a huge profit...example the $99 price you mention for celebrex is a 10 time markup over the Indian mail order pharmacies price of $9.00...find a good Indian Mail Order Pharmacy.


  • I use an Indian mail order pharmacy for my feral kitty cat colony. I'll check with them ;) Never thought to use them die our meds. Thanks so very much Gus ;)

  • Hi Jackie,

    I did a google search and the costs don't match. But, they are expensive. I am sorry to hear that your son is in such pain. Has he tried Meloxicam yet? It's a lot cheaper, per GoodRx. I heard of bus rides for seniors to get their meds at Canadian pharmacies.


  • No Joe he hasn't tried meloxicam yet. The pharmacies are not approving either of them....that is why I am trying to get it from elsewhere so he can try it and see if it will help. Thank you Joe ;)


  • Hey, Jackie, skip the Meloxicam it's an nsaid, not a cox-2 inhibitor. Celebrex appears to be the only one I could find. Two went off the market for giving free heart attacks. Another article from 2013 said that a new generic was going to be available, but I didn't go looking further into it. Please avoid any opioids, I've seen and been through a lot of hurt over them. (Not me personally) I wish you well in your search, and look into... never mind, I see others are ahead of me.


  • We're stearing clear of opioid for sure Joe. Thank you. He has to try something. He's in so much pain. Just trying to see if it helps.

    Thank you Joe!


  • Try app Good RX or LowestMed app or websites.

  • Thank you cjkn2000! :)

  • There is a generic version now available, Celecoxib. Going on I priced it around $32. Hope this helps.

  • WOW! $32.00!!

    Wow are you kidding me that helps tremendously! It is very scary to purchase something for $32 when you know how much they charge. And I do know there is such a mark up a crazy crazy Margo and I do know there is such a mark up a crazy crazy markup and I do know there is such a mark up a crazy crazy mark. My phone is on the blank my phone is on the blink my phone is on the Blink!!!! Thank you so much Doctor Who thank you so much dr. Who!!!


    Hugs too

  • My wife has had excellent results for one drug that works for her but Medicare won't cover. The company is They don't take credit cards but charge your bank account. Has worked well for about a year.

  • Thanks so very much bhammel. That's great! ;)

  • Can anyone advise--only for Canada ----how does the govt helping case of metastatic pca--as regards the funds required for treatment & medicines. I have a friend, who likes to migrate to Canada, under investor programme, it is stated, "one is disqualified, if one is excess burden on health care". to overcome this, can you please guide/check with friends etc, what can be done. can he take private medical insurance & convince the immigration, he will not be excess burden on health care. he will continue to be citizen of India, but will take permanent residency under Quebec investor programme.

    comments will be highly appreciated. thanks.

  • excess burden under Canada immigration act, is approx, cad 6300 per year, any amount exceeding that is excess burden. they consider for 5 years in advance.

  • You can get the generic Celebrex at Costco's pharmacy at a reasonable price and not worry about it's purity.

  • $77.00 ;) Costco

    How in the world can the pharmaceutical companies get away with $2,500 vs $77!!!!!!

  • Recently my dad was on Celebrex and they took him off of it and switched to Aleve (Naproxen) It seems to be working well. Might be an option. One thing about Aleve is to take with food always. Hard on your stomach. Good luck.

  • Thanks so much CBurnett. None of those have worked. We're trying to try this because it worked wonders for me and for lg. My son can barely get around so we have to try something. No diagnosis. Lots of tests. Elevated inflammation markers.

    Thanks a bunch.

  • omg

  • Check It is in Canada.

  • Check at It is in Canada.

  • Thanks Lolabear09!



  • Thanks Nalakrats!

  • I looked it up and there's a coupon you can get and then but it at Wal-Mart pharm for 36.00. I myself use good rx and blink for my scripts.

  • Thanks so much sbmurray. Wow, it's so awesome to be able to know of places that one can more likely afford. Everyone's been a tremendous help. Waiting on a written script :)

  • Try

  • Thanks so much Frank :)

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