Long time Malecare support group member and prostate cancer advocate Eric died on March 2, 2017. Eric and I had been working on a way to memorialize his many postings in a way that would hep people, even after his death. Please feel encouraged to download the PDF that Eric and I created, here: bit.ly/2lOCVPV You are free to distribute this, without altering any of the content. The PDF has quotes from Eric that he wanted to share after his death. Darryl

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  • Thanks, Darryl. Eric will be long remembered. Good bye my friend.

  • Darryl, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of Eric, may he rest in peace.

  • Thank you for letting us know. I was worried about Eric and thought that the end may be close. It was about 13 months ago I was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer. Eric was the one that told me to hang in there. He gave me hope. Reading his PDF was hard, but it was pure Eric, thinking of others. I am so sorry that he felt alone. The number of people here that he touched is quite large.

    May the Grace go God be with him.

  • That was a very interesting compilation Darryl. I think you performed a fine service for Eric and for us all by helping him to put this together.

    One suggestion: It seems clear that the different paragraphs were composed at different times and, I presume, are arranged in chronological order. If you've got dates for each of the different entries it would help people to understand the progression better if you were able to insert them before each entry.

    There's an interesting website at yananow.org/ that has stories of prostate cancer patients. I could look into posting Eric's document there if you think it's appropriate.


  • HI Alan. Thanks for your kind words about the compilation. Believe it or not, it took nearly three days to put together. Eric mentioned that he didn't want the comments to be time stamped, so that readers could connect his comments with the present moments in their lives, rather than imagining where those comments occur during Eric's life. That said, they are "mostly" in chronological order. Yes, you can post Eric's PDF at Yananow, but, according to Eric's wishes, the PDF must be posted intact and unaltered (as opposed to cut and paste). Hope all is well for you. Darryl

  • Thanks for the quick reply.

    I am not aware of a mechanism for posting a PDF at Yananow but I'll look into it. In any case I will absolutely respect Eric's wishes and not post anything at all if I can't post the PDF as is.


  • RIP Eric, he was always quick to respond to a question with his words of wisdom.

  • Eric ask me not to be sad but to be happy for him when he passed because he would not be suffering any more. I'll try to be happy another day but today and tomorrow I'm sad he left us :'(

  • I agree, Jackie, & thank you for sharing what Eric said. I enjoyed watching the exchanges between you & Eric, & I'm sure he enjoyed the relationship the 2 of you had.


  • I've been missing his friendship since Christmas Day...My last note from him. I hope he was able to fly over and visit ;) Thank you Neil.



  • I hope so too, Jackie. You're welcome.

    Special hug,


  • Thank you for sharing Eric, I felt what you described, how simple life was before the diagnosis.

  • Thank you Darryl for letting us all know - I've read most of Eric's posts, he was a trooper and now he can rest from this dreaded PC.

  • Thank you again Eric for your information and inspiration. Rest in peace.

  • Thank you for posting Darryl, Eric is at peace now.

  • Thank you Daryll. I'm sorry everyone for a loss that hits so deeply.

  • Reading this made me quite sad. What a wonderful friend you are to honor his wishes. When WA Eric diagnosed and how long did he live with APC. I love the wit that shines through.

  • Since of late many of us were wondering what could have happened to Eric because of his long unusual silence. So Eric is gone for ever, never to be heard again! Leaving with us memories of a of a wonderful friend. May he rest in eternal peace with no pain ad suffering!


  • Another member wanted to post the below song for Eric but she did not know how to do it. Here is her message to Eric...

  • I am deeply sorry for everyone's loss of Charles Eric Winter ♡


    Most sincere,


    Thank you Dr_WHO ♡

  • May Eric rest in peace now! God Bless!

  • Rest in peace, Eric, you wonderful human being, your presence on the site will be sorely missed.

  • I read all of what you posted on Eric, what a great guy he was, always willing to help anyone.

  • Eric was the only one that replied to my first post on this site a year ago. Rest in peace Eric.

  • Please always repost Lolabear09 if you do not get a reply or if you only get one reply. A lot of times it goes down so far that it may get lost in the shuffle ;)

  • Eric was a kind and supportive man who responded to my posts and comments. He was there for all of us despite his suffering.

  • What can I say, that has not been said, by the 29 who posted above me. Charles will be missed. He is fine now, suffering no more. Makes me mad that a country such as ours can spend 2 Trillion dollars over the last 14 years--doing things it did not have to be involved in.

    Oh if that money was used to cure and remiss cancer, just think of how many people not just in the USA, but world-wide would have benefited or will benefit. A 2 Billion Dollar Moonshot--is a start. But I believe it could have been a 100 Billion Dollar Moonshot--if we had not wasted our resources tilting at windmills. God be with you Charles Eric, may many crowns be afforded you on your next journey. Yeshua is Lord!


  • Eric , I am glad that you are with our father and not suffering anymore. Thank you for all your wisdom and kindness on this website to all of us. Always having time to help us with our worries and problems and giving us peace in dealing with our fight . Aloha , Eric.

    Thanks Darryl for helping Eric to put this together for us to read and take better care of ourselves. Even when he's gone , he's not , because we can read his words for comfort and being in peace with our situation.

  • Thank you Darryl. I have used Eric's postings as my bellwether and he has been (and still is) a great example to all of us. I am so pleased his advice will live on for me and others. You have shown a great affection for him so thank you again. David

  • I am saddened by Eric's passing. I too am very grateful for his sharing and contributions. He goes on living in many of us.

  • RIP Eric - I too marveled at his resilience, his tenacity, his drive when most would have thrown in the towel. For those of us who have been a part of this community for many years, he was definitely one of the people we looked up to for hope in the face of what sometimes appears to be horrific adversity. I've been lurking more than posting as of late, but I'm trying to keep up with everyone's situations, and I too had wondered what was up with Eric...now he may rest, but his help and strength will live on in the PDF and all of our collective memories...

  • Sad to hear of his passing. He was a strong individual. I cannot imagine going through this alone as he did. That saddens me greatly. I pray his strength and resilience will help many others. Blessings, Eric.

  • God bless you Eric. Rest in peace.

  • Sad news. He was always helping us.

  • +Burnett1948. Thanks Eric for your dedication and individual support/help you gave me. I will alway remember your kindness.

  • Wow I'm shocked and saddened when my dad was first diagnosed with prostate cancer I found this site and he was the first one to help me out with this new diagnosis. He answered all my questions without hesitation and gave me his personal email address how kind of him. I felt bad for him he was all by himself. Barely and friends or family. Bless you Eric I hope you are surrounded with a lot of loving people and are at peace.


  • I miss Eric too Olivia.

    Very nice words ♡

  • Eric took me by the hands and led me to a better place when they told me I had Stage four. He stated that he felt that he was alone. Far from it. As long as I live, he is in my heart.

  • Mine too ♡

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