I spoke to Eric today at hospice in Glenview. He as taken from his home and placed in this hospice center about two weeks ago. He sounds weaker than he was last time I spoke to him. He said he posted something yesterday but I can find it. His wifi at the hospice building is very poor. I told him I would let everyone know he was still with us for Christmas. He wishes all of us happy holidays. Eric would really like to make everyone aware of this terrible disease prostate cancer. He would like everyone to be aware of prostate cancer prevention. He doesn't want any more men to go through what we are.

I hope I am wrong but after talking to Eric I get the feeling that he will be starting his next adventure soon. He will finally be free of the terrible pain he has been the last few months. My prayers are with Eric this Christmas and every day he is suffering.


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  • Merry Christmas Eric. You are truly heroic. May peace and the love of all be with you these Holidays. You have taught me much about survival and persistence. One thing I take with me every day is no one will work harder to keep you alive and well than yourself.

  • Merry Christmas Eric. You are an inspiration to all of us battling this awful disease.

  • Sending Christmas LOVE to Eric ♡

  • Thank you Dennis for letting us know About Eric.

  • I will update the group when I speak to Eric again. Eric cares about our group of PCa cancer patients and all of the wonderful caregivers. In a way we are sort of his family. Personally I think of him as a brother even though I have never met him.


  • Best wishes and prayers for our ambassador Eric. Much love from an old soldier.

  • I'm sad to hear this, he was the first man in this forum that talked to me when I came looking for answers for my dad. U are in my thoughts and prayers

  • Aww that is sad. Its such a shame. We are missing my dad. It's only been about 2 months.

  • Peace, Eric.

  • Merry Christmas Eric and thank you for all of your help in trying to control PC. Peace be with you.

  • Merry Christmas to you Eric!

    You can be proud of each day that you live for the meaning you add to life.

    May God Bless you.


  • Quick and peaceful journey my friend ,is been a pleasure.

  • Thank you Dennis and God bless at this time of year. I really feel that I have come to know Eric as a friend through his own friends and like others I have been looking daily for his posts. David

  • Blessings Eric... we all will take the journey you are about to be on.. you did good, Eric..

    you bring Light wherever you go.. you are generous beyond words.. you are a brave heart peaceful warrior... you will not be forgotten.. bless you my friend.. love genie

  • Bless you Eric. Post if you can

  • peace and love, Eric and no words can thank you for all you have With Love, Deborah

  • Thanks for the update. Let him know we are with him and that we greatly appreciate how he has shared with us.

  • Merry Christmas Eric. I'm glad I saw one of your posts one day because you made me smile and sometimes that's all we need, to smile in the face of fear, get educated, as people will be learning from your struggle and openness many years to come. may you be blessed with a peaceful mind and a heart that knows you have had one hell of life and inpacted, obviously, so many. ty eric. love and hugs , Erica

  • Blessings to you Eric. I will be praying for peace for you.

  • Thank you so much for the update, Dennis. I think of Eric often and pray for a peaceful transition for him and no more blasted pain. He has been such a positive force in this group. I know none of us will ever forget his contributions. Peace to you Eric.


  • Wishing Eric only the best. As he has helped all of us deal with this date, we must continue to pay it forward until the battle is won. Peace.

  • God bless you Eric! You have helped so many people. You welcomed me when I was first diagnosed with advanced cancer. You made a very positive impact on me. Please let us express how great a man you are!

  • Thank you for the update. You have given strength to many as we fight this disease.

  • To Eric,

    May you find peace forever....

    j-o-h-n Monday, 12/26/2016 11:57 AM EST

  • Thank you Dennis for letting us know.

  • Thanks for the update Dennis. Push on Eric!

  • God bless you Eric xxx

  • Thank you Dennis for passing on news of Eric. He is a wonderful inspiration to patients and caregivers. May God bless him.


  • Thank you Eric for your information and inspiration!

  • Dennis, thank you for following up on Eric. Wishing him all the good care that hospice can bring.

  • My thoughts are with you Eric.

  • Peace and love, Eric. Thank you for everything.

  • Eric you are truly an inspiration to everyone who communicates with you or hears about you. You set the stakes high for everyone who walks this path of prostate cancer. May God bless as you continue on your journey. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

  • #cericwin. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years Eric. May the force be with you as the adventure continues. Go boldly forth where all men have gone before. My thoughts and heart are with you.

  • I echo the many loving thoughts expressed esp. how much of an inspiration you have been. Love and peace to you Eric.

  • I spoke to Eric today. He is about the same. I told him of how many people wished him well.

  • ♡♡♡

    Thank you. Send our love to him and J R please ;)


  • So glad to hear that hospice is taking care of you , Eric. I pray that your suffering has been minimalized and that you can still find joy in each day you are here on earth. Thank you for your kindness as we were going through this journey. May God bless you and hold you tight on this last stretch.


  • May you find the will to laugh in the new year, the strength to smile, and know your words and your work will always be a living presence to teach and help others. ty for being such an amazing role model . hope you are being taken care of sweetly. xoxo gentle hugs

  • Eric died on March 2, 2017. Here's a post about that, and a PDF with quotes from Eric that he wanted to share after his death.


  • I have been trying to contact Eric for over a month. I would leave a message with no reply or the phone mail was full. I new it must be at the end, if not I would have a call back. Eric was a brave selfless person who thought about others first. He gave us a lot of good information always wanting to inform us. My prayers are with Ericsson soul. My friend has stepped into his next great adventure. Thank you Eric for being there for us your brothers in APC. ( advanced prostate cancer )

    My tears are for you and us for having lost a true friend.


  • Thank you Eric for being there for us your brothers in APC. ( advanced prostate cancer ).

    I guess this could be from everyone of us.

    Peace at last.

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