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Biofeedback anyone?


Is there anyone who had good experience with biofeedback training using tapes, CDs and other devices? I use them effectively for relaxation and getting to sleep. But I would like to have any that steps you through imaginary healing scenarios such as, say, an army of NK cells gobbling up those culprits. I had one before that was a cassette tape but I misplaced it. Besides, that is now obsolete technology.

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Maybe a bit in the spirit of what you're asking, I used to get hot flushes on Lupron therapy. At first they bothered me. Then I began to think - those heat waves were the drugs battling my cancer cells. The heat and sweating didn't bother me so much after that.


As a Christian I've come to use the Holy Spirit in my "feedback". Despite my PSA continuing to rise, and enough scans, biopsies, pokes and prods that make me fearful to go in water that I might sink 🤓 I know He lives in me. Therefore if He lives in me then He sees the cancer cells. Whatever Gods will for me on this journey I believe the HS is either plucking out those cells or keeping them moving so they don't have a chance to stop and clump together into a tumor. My Onc was sure the tumor had reactivated in my prostate (had 39 treatments Proton Rad in 2013) but biopsy showed nothing. If my PSA goes to 1000 I'm good with it as long as they can't find anything. That's what works for me.

I'm currently on clinical trial of Zytiga, Prednisone, ARN-509, Lupron all at same time with IV Chemo at end of March start. Despite weight gain I feel pretty good. I thought I'd be a couch potato but this is much better then the Cabozantinib and Degarelix / later Lupron trial - at least for now! Blessings to all my fellow warriors.

I sometimes use daily a CD for relaxation- "Relaxation Techniques"- Lillian Nejad and Daterina Voiny. It's a number of well presented relaxation techniques. But, I would like to have a "guided imagery" healing CD also. I did use a healing CD during my radiation "vacation". It was really good until I hit, "Even if you die, you are now healed". Pissed me off! Not the goal! I've seen that "angle" before. Some sort of sentimental thing. If you die, you die! That's not "healing". So, I am looking too.



I have used and should still be using guided imagery. I used to put on a CD of "Om" by Sri Laxmq Narayan Tiwari and go into Yoga positions, then just relax and imagine my cancer cells being attacked by the treatment.

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Thanks. Can you tell me how I can acquire "Om"?

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Yes, I've used the same sort of visualization. I do it when I am in bed working toward falling asleep.

Here is the Amazon link for the CD


Thanks, Magnus. I'll check it out. BTW, I was wrong when I thought the device I had was a cassette. It turns out that I have a CD called "Meditation to Fight Cancer" by Bellaruth Naperstek. I had it stashed away somewhere and I have retrieved it. She has an outfit called Health Journeys and her offerings are very well regarded by professionals in the field.

I use bose earphones that connect wirelessly to pandora on iPhone and sleep the whole night with favorite tunes playing softly. I have done this for almost a year and find that I can even sleep on either side too. They are a life savor for me as I fought insomnia nightly using everything I heard without results. Good luck.

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Wow! I have an IPhone but have little experience with connecting wirelessly to such things as Pandora. Bose earphones might be pricey but it's worth looking into. I also have bouts of sleeplessness, very rarely having more than five hours, if at all.

There are a number of self-hypnosis, stress management, guided relaxation and biofeedback tapes readily available, both general and for specific needs. Biofeedback treatment refers specifically to an intervention that literally gives the user feedback about the physical effects of the training. For example, a monitor on the forehead may measure tension in the frontalis muscle and literally feed back to the patient his/her effectiveness in relaxing it using a specific tape or exercise (useful for migraine treatment). A sphygmomanometer measures blood pressure, so is useful in monitoring the effectiveness of work toward lowering it. I used biofeedback for myself for Raynaud's disease, then in my doctoral research to improve pregnancy outcomes for very anxious women and those with hypertension. My doctor gave me his standardized tape for the former, and I developed a specific one myself for my dissertation, but modified it slightly for each user.

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