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Salvage Radiation Update Success?


On 10/27/13 I had a prostatectomy at age 49 and PSA of 12. My diagnosis was Gleason (4+5), epe, Nx0, Dx0, extensive SVI, and negative margins. PSA after prostatectomy was 0.0 for 6 months then a slow rise for 30 months to a level 0.182. On 6/30/16 I started radiation with 37 treatments to prostate bed. I chose not to go on Lupron & Casodex while going through radiation against radiologists recommendation. No reason for me to explain my decision making process, I did that in a previous post 5 months ago. I just received my first PSA test results on 12/2/16. My PSA was 0.06. The PSA is moving in the right direction. The radiologist said PCA radiated cells have a 3 month half life. It appears the radiation has knocked it back more than expected. He says every 3 months the PSA should reduce by half until the PSA hits some nadir point. In 3 more months I will get another PSA test to see where I sit. I have no questions just wanted to post my experience. I know there are people seeking info on Salvage Radiation so I thought I would post. I am a realist and know I may be facing a PSA rise again in the future. I will keep eating healthy, plenty of prayer, running my 15-20 miles per week, taking supplements and living each day like its my last.

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Thanks for sharing. Keep on fighting.

Great update. Looks like all on track.

Thanks for sharing m8 Im about to start my salvage radiotherapy in a few weeks the biggest problem with my PSA so far it seems to be doubling every 4 to 5 weeks from 0 to .1 in Oct to .2 in Nov then .3 something in Dec.

Hope you knock yours out of the park.



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Research shows the sooner you get after the PSA rise with radiation the better the results. You are doing the right thing and starting radiation soon. Good luck!

I had a prosatectomy on 09/02/2003 at age 49 as you PSA 7 Gleason 3+4. PSA after prostatectomy was 0.04 then a slow for 7 years to a level 0.23. On 05/11/2011 I started radiation with 35 treatment on prostate bed. Now 5 years after my PSA is 0.05. The radiation worked very well.

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Great to hear! Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for the update. Very helpful and encouraging. I start salvage radiation following a prostatectomy in early January.

I went on ADT (eligard) prior to radiation. I then decided against radiation in favor of HIFU for my stage 2 cancer. The eligard did knock the prostate down from 34cc to 27cc (in less than 2 months) so what they say about ADT shrinking the tumor is true. BTW, I was told that HIFU can only 'reach' tumors of 40cc or less. I just wish I had opted for a shorter time release than the 6 month shot they gave me. I'm not a fan of chemical castration longer than I would have to be and now I have to wait longer to see if my surgery was successful. The radiation oncologist wanted me on ADT for 18 months. The 2nd opinion urologist, also in favor of radiation, wanted me on ADT for 36 months. The HIFU surgeon says I don't need another ADT shot when this one wears off.

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From what I have read, it appears that ADT for up to three years to precede and follow radiotherapy can be beneficial, resulting in better and better chances of success. However the main benefits happen in the first six months. Getting more ADT after that improves the odds of success, but does so by smaller and smaller increments. Meanwhile, the side effects of ADT can grow, including negative effects on the heart, the brain, and the muscles as well as sexual side effects. So I think the decision that you made to get the ADT but stop it after six months was not unreasonable. It has some drawbacks but it also has some benefits.

I wish you the best of luck with it.


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