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Hi all

Having a Pet scan shortly before my RT my latest PSA reading .3 went up from .1 in Oct then .2 in Nov Im told if the find PC in my bones then I can't have the radiotherapy how accurate are Pet scans.

I guess im hoping they don't find any PC in my bones as I hope having the RT will give me more time, I only had my prostate removed back in March 29th 16 my gleeson score was 4+3 what is the likely hood it has spread that far into any bones already.



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  • Good luck Gary I hope the PCA hasn't spread. Keep us informed of your situation. I will keep you in my prayers.


  • Cheers DFZ4835 will do

  • Hi Gary

    The good news for you is my history - At 59 I had my prostate removed and 3 months later my PSA was 4. The surgeon said a mistake - next test PSA was 5! That was was in 2005. PET scan No 2 in Australia revealed tumours - probably in lymph nodes. No treatment options were offered. RT no! too much collateral damage and there may be many microscopic tumors in between. Surgery no go - Like weeding the garden! Chemo? Only palliative! Wait and see they said 2 yearsc- 5 years at best! Perhaps they mentioned hormone blockers but I can't recall.

    After a further 3 months my Psa was 3.7! One of the best days in my life. Since my PSA has gradually risen – 44 was the highest and treatment options have exploded. Now they say chemo is used a lot earlier and RT with stereo-tactic beams - (Calypso) offers the chance to target specific tumours. In your situation there are many men who have had success with salvage RT. If you email me at I can send you Snuffy Myers postatpedia on salvage radiation.

    For me hormone treatment options are running their race - I was too late for stereo tactic radiation but the new hormone treatments after chemo offers many many years. And apart from a few aches and pains and a loss of libido due to the ADT I am having a great time an no other symptoms - although bone scans and PSMA PET reveal many small tumours

    Good Luck


    and Happy Holidays

  • Hi Chalkie42 thanks for the post ill email you for sure and certainly hope that the RT will add a few years onto my time before starting hormone drugs.

    Have a great xmas speak to you soon.


  • I'm no expert on PETs but I would think that a false negative is much more likely than a false positive, especially at such low PSA. Indeed, do some research and ask your rad-onc how sensitive the PET you are getting is, they vary depending on contrast. Its probably more like CYA on his part than truly revealing.

  • Hi Gary. Your case sounds similar to mine but, of course, we are all unique in one respect or another. Based on what occurred with me I would not expect the PET scan to show anything with your low PSA. In fact, Medicare denied payment in my case saying there was no good reason to having had it performed. Luckily they didn't ask me to pay for it but my urologist, who they said should not have ordered it.

    Good luck!

  • Hi Neathuh1

    That could be good been the reading is low as long as it hasn't spread to the bones still, i guess if it had spread to the bones my reading maybe higher fingers crossed. Sounds if i was back in Perth they wouldn't give me a Pet scan unless i was private seems a bit different on the NHS then.


  • Don't understand the PET Scan. Surely a bone scan is what is needed? Of all the people I have spoken to here in the UK and abroad hardly anyone had a PET Scan. Have spoken to a few men while waiting for my radiotherapy appointments who have a similar history to you and not one has had PET. Funny how practices are so different in different areas and also vary from consultant to consultant even within the NHS.

    Good Luck

  • I was diagnosed in 2009 and had bracytherapy . My PSA went up in 2013 and I Underwent a pet CT at the mayoclinic. And The scan found cancer in my lymph nodes. I underwent extensive lymph node dissection and got two years without any treatment four years later my last bone scan was negative the scans are very effective and getting better all the time. My first scan was a C12 choline pet CT. My numbers are rising again and in two weeks I will have A sodium acetate ct.

    I wish you the best stay strong

  • I had already had conventional CT and bone scans after diagnosis and they came back negative. Went to another urologist for a 2nd opinion on surgery. He offered me a more sensitive PET scan but knowing that aggressive treatment wasn't an option should the PET scan come back positive, guess what? I refused the PET scan. I'm not a doctor but why would I want to eliminate aggressive treatment of the primary tumor? I had HIFU surgery a couple of months ago. I'll have that PET scan in six months or a year.

  • Hi WSOPeddie

    We don't have the choice on NHS UK if I want radiotherapy i have to have the PET scan first.

    I don't have private cover either.


  • Gary, The chances are that a PET will be negative no matter if there are mets present. With a PSA as low as yours the chance that it will show anything is about a likely as a blue moon.

    Usually, bone involvement is better visualized with a bone scan.

    In the States you would qualify for radiotherapy with one additional PSA increase.

    Good luck


  • Hi Joel

    I can only go with the flo here in the UK the Oncologist has said a Pet scan and they also don't offer radiotherapy until your PSA has reached .2.

    Cheers and merry xmas all

  • For bone cancer they usually do a bone survey and/or a radioactive bone scan. That's what I get for my bone mets. My oncologist said for bone cancer that's what is used and works best.

  • They can't do Proton Beam Therapy on your bones? That is what I am hoping for as I don't have it in my tissues any longer thanks to PRRT.

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