Xtandi - Ketruda - Chemo - mCRPC

In the paper below the Docs speculate on why some patients with progression on Xtandi who received Ketruda had dramatic results which was not seen previously.

In this study patients with mCRPC could not have received prior chemo...maybe it would be better to try this first with progression on Xtandi and only add chemo to the mix if this fails



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  • Interesting Gus--one thing all test patients had to have a favorable reaction to Xtandi--to be in the test. And as we know that can be a 50 50 deal--noticed they did not want those that had chemo---reminds me of our discussion to avoid Chemo at all costs as my doctor recommends--but if no place to go then you go for it.


  • I can understand why a study wouldn't want chemo patients. But if this is an effective treatment why couldn't a chemo patient get it?

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