Given another 18 months of life if continue treatment. Starting cabazitaxel this week. Side effects?

After 14 weeks on Zytiga, PSA has gone up over 100 points, to 250, and pain is worse in back, hips and pelvis. Failed Xtandi quickly too. Ex asked about discontinuing treatments and ONC gave him a 6 month prognosis. He reluctantly decided on Jevtana and external beam radiation even though he had a difficult time with docetaxel. Anyone have more side effects with cabazitaxel than with docetaxel? We are not that thrilled with Jevtana as his PSA only climbed and bone mets got worse while on docetaxel. (Diagnosed 16 months ago, PSA 2739, hundreds of bone mets, bone marrow metastasis, age 44).

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  • My Dr. is waiting for my PSA levels to rise. He will then recommend Chemo Therapy. Does not look good.

  • So much not fair. I hope and pray this medicine works miraculously ♡

  • I didn't have side effect problems with cabazitaxel, but it didn't work for me. Docetaxel worked much better for me. I am currently entering a study that uses both docetaxel and Carboplatin along with rapamycin. Having my first infusion tomorrow.

  • Can you direct us to the clinical trial? Are they still recruiting patients?



  • It is Bing run by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center at the University of Washington. You can learn about it and the contact information at and search for sirolimus and prostate. The expectation is for 58 participants, and I am #5, so they will be recruiting for a while longer. So far I have had more side effects than on previous treatments, but nothing serious.

  • Wow I feel like I am in your shoes husband started w casodex then taxotere then Zytiga then Xtandi then jevtana then a repeat of taxotere and now xofigo for pain relief ..our options are running out ..jevtana tx took its toll and he needed fluids after the 3rd and 4 th day ..which helped ..the worst drug was Xtandi and jevtana for weight loss fatigue and nausea ...the radiation along the way worked wonders .just fatigue .my husband has bone mets through out and a tumor even caused a fracture to his clavicle ..tumors also blocked his kidney and radiation was a saving grace ...the xofigo is helping with his pain ..thank goodness ..we are not ready to throw the towel in ..everyday is a gift ..I wish you well

  • I was diagnosed with PCa in 2006 with a GS 8. I have been on intermittent hormone therapy (Lupron) every since. I had radiation and Taxotere in late 2006 and early 2007. Cancer spread in 2014 to left hip, bladder and 2015 to liver. I have had and continue to take Xgeva for my bones and Neulasta for my WBC when I was on chemo. I began Jevtana January 2016 with last infusion June 2016. I stopped Jevtana after saw It was not reducing cancer on liver. No significant side effects other than fatigue. Since I was still on Lupron I could not tell much difference in fatigue but everyone's biological make-up is different.I had the Y90 theraspheres procedure to the cancer liver on 8/12/16 and a CT scan in a cpl months will tell how successful how it was. The liver specialist and my oncologist wanted me to concentrate on the liver and then back to the other. I am saying all this because I had two Oncologist tell me Oct 2015 I had 4-6 months and I am still here so DON'T give up. Another oncologist said I had years and I believe him. Some of the best medicine is attitude. Hope this helps.

    Dewayne Harris

  • Agree attitude is the cure

  • Hi Cancersucks,

    Did the oncologist ever explain why the Xtandi and Zytiga quit working ...what is the cancer doing to get around these 2 drugs


  • No, not really. Ex isn't doing genetic testing/sequencing so info is limited. His cancer was diagnosed so late and is very aggressive. He has done two rounds of Jetvana, which has helped his pain, but no ADT other than 3 month Lupron shot now. This will be his last treatment before hospice as he has failed all the usual treatments so quickly. He will not explore PARP inhibitors such as lynparza, clinical trials or platinum based chemos. PSA is around 350. Still doesn't look like a man with late stage cancer....still jogs, hikes, rides bikes with our kids. I know it sounds crazy not to explore every possible treatment, but his cancer was diagnosed LAST year, not 10-20 years ago. It really seems depressingly lethal and resistant to everything.

  • :'(

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