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UroLift anybody?

Hey everybody,

Many of us suffer with BPH. It's now time for me to deal with it. Not that I haven't had a stupendously large prostate, that has been problematic for a few years now. Of course it eventually blocked my urethra, plus cystitis, and my uro at the time hadn't a clue.

Now to fix it, they want to do a urolift. I watched a few videos of the procedure, and also TURP, and other procedures. Most are not pleasant. The urolift looks promising.

Tell me what you think, Joe

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I don't know anything about urolift. I had TURP surgery and was very happy with the results. My only regret was waiting so long to get the BPH problem fixed.


The urolift uses clips and suture-like material to hold open the prostate, as opposed to lasering or cutting it. It's non-intrusive, and no bleeding. And, supposedly, you leave without the catheter. Yahoo!

Peace, Joe

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'Enlarged prostate' can be misleading. I suffered with the urinary effects of BPH and got TURP surgery. One urologist commented that my prostate didn't seem all that large. Seems like the growth was internal, pinching the channel. Maybe 'tight prostate' or 'cramped prostate' would be more descriptive?


You're absolutely right. I had an ultrasound and my prostate is only 22 mm wide. Doc said it had to be less than 70 for this procedure, so i'm good on that respect. Now about the inner section, closed like a trap. As a matter of fact, it took four times to get the catheter in me. I'm having second thoughts because I have to wait until Nov to have it done. I've had the cath since Jul 20. I'm about sick and tired of it. But, TURP is the only other option. On another note, they may want the cath in longer to allow my bladder to heal. I was blocked for a long time.


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