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Managing pain

I start my radiotherapy in a week. As I have mentioned previously 39 sessions planned. In the interim I am managing the pain with Targin 20/10 twice a day and paracetemol. The problem I am encountering is that taking the Targin in the morning (about 6am) is okay but by the afternoon I am very uncomfortable and the paracetemol alone doesnt seem to do the trick. I wonder if I take the second tablet earlier (currently I am taking it about 5pm) whether that could help. If I take it about 1pm it could alleviate some of my afternoon issues...including rather unpleasant thoughts.

Anyone out there with experience of this? Im grateful for any discussion regarding this topic.


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I don't have any experience with either of the pain meds that you're taking, but you can ask both your doctor, and the pharmacist where you get your meds for more info.

My own pain is managed by extended release morphine, and also Dilaudid for breakthrough pain. The Dilaudid can be taken up to every three hours, as needed, but I don't have to take it that frequently.

What directions has your doctor indicated about the dosage of your own pain meds?

Obviously, it isn't adequate and you need to talk with your doctor ASAP about more appropriate pain management.

I don't know the extent of your own cancer, but you might consider palliative care, which is mainly pain management and making you as comfortable as possible. Under palliative care, you can still have active treatment for the cancer.

With the radiation treatments, you can expect some fatigue, and my own doctor prescribed Ritalin (methylphenidate) for "cancer-related fatigue."


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