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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Protocel Entelev 23

I am 55 years old new to the group and recently been diagnosed with early stage of prostate cancer with a Gleason scores of 3+3=6 3+3=6 4+3=7 4+4=8 out 12 samples all on 1 side of the prostate.PSA was 5.91. Changed my diet and in 8 weeks my PSA went down to 5.01! Doctor wants to surgery right away? Don't want surgery!

Has anyone had any success with Protocel Entelev 23?

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Listen to onc.

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I just turned 59 and I have some experiences and knowledge that may be of help to you. I am very sorry as some of it may not be that positive. With the data you gave us you have a Gleason score of 8 (the sum of the two highest scores. In your case that would be 4+4). That is the same score as I have. Anything 8 or higher is considered advanced prostate cancer, not early stage cancer. It is good that your PSA went down, but by itself, that does not mean the cancer is in control. Mine was 4.7 last Janurary and by Feburary they told me that I had advanced cancer. They told me that some types of prostate cancer does not raise your PSA. There is a strong chance that with a Gleason score of 8 that it may of spread. I hope that yours has not, but you need to get a bone and CT or MRI scan to determine if it has spread past your prostate. If you do nothing else, please get these tests!

Changing your diet can have a very positive effect on controlling you cancer. I have also made some major changes in my diet. However, diet alone may not be enough. There are members of this group that went the diet route only to find years later that the cancer had spread.

The two most common primary therapies for advanced cancer are radiation and surgery. Many doctors favor radiation over surgery for Gleason scores 8 or higher. The thought is that with G 8 score the cancer probably has already spread. Often if they do operate they first take out a couple of pelvic lymph nodes and test the in the operating room for cancer. If they find it quite often they will stop the surgery. In my case, I discussed with the surgeon that I wanted him to continue with the operation even if he finds a cancerous lymph node (which he did). I had the surgery on April 18 of this year, started hormonal therapy on June 2. About four month out of surgery I have regained bladder control. I will be starting external radiation in about three weeks.

I wish you did not have to deal with cancer. I am afraid that just changing your diet and using organic pills may not be enough. Please know that even with advanced cancer life goes on. My life is slowly getting back to normal. I have gone on multi day bicycle rides and plan on going SCUBA diving later this year.

Good luck. I hope that others in this group can give you their thoughts and insights.



A GS of 4+4 means that you need treatment, IMO.

With an intact prostate, PSA can rise & fall due to noise from non-cancer cells. You changed your diet - perhaps systemic inflammation has been lessened? I wouldn't view the drop as proof of effectiveness of what you are doing against PCa.

Entelev? See:




When inflammation decreases I imagine that also prostate size might decrease enough to drop PSA a bit too. Dr. Klotz has said that there is little difference between how G 8's, 9's and 10's act. He says a G 7 with a 3+4 is sort of on the fence while a G 7 with a 4+3 acts similar to an G 8.

There is a Dr. Bush in Georgia who does MRIs and biopsies who is revered among men who have prostate cancer. He only biopsies if he sees something. He uses a 3.0 and does in bore biopsies.

The last info I had about Beth Israel Deaconess in Boston is that although they use a GE 3.0 which isn't regarded as highly as a Siemens is, but, they use an endorectal coil. Pathology on removed prostates show that they have a high 90% accuracy rate of detecting prostate cancer--according to Beth Israel's website, two years ago.

If you haven't had an MRI, you should get one to have an assessment. You might find that you need to do something sooner rather than later. A 3.0--none of the 1.5's.


Dr. Who says it well. I had a gleason 8, psa 35. I was told that removal of the little bastard of a prostate then some prostate bed radiation and I'm likely good to go. I was 55 and my biggest concern was to save the nerve bundle so I could still have erections. After DaVinci method surgery my psa went higher which meant I was now really fucking scared. I went for a sodium flouride pet scan which found 3 small bone lesions. I felt like a dead man walking. I had several "second opinions" trying to find someone who would tell me it would be ok.

3 years later I am doing fabulous. Well most days anyway. My urinary control is back, very manageable side effects from Lupron & Zytiga and I wrote my "I will List" and have been checking things off. I eat healthy (mostly vegan), do exercise and live life to the fullest. My psa is down 2 points to 18, which I too believe is due to my diet change.

Ok enough about me. I can relate to where you are at. Not familiar with the Protcel you mention. I would encourage you to get second and third opinions about your options. I believe your gleason score will rule out the seeds. You have time to evaluate and make decisions. Don't rush or jump to a decision, ask questions and feel comfortable with what ever you decide. See if there is a Gilda's Club or Us Too prostate support group that you can attend.

Diet, exercise, belief or faith and medicine are all part of the battle plan. You will live a rich and rewarding life despite the prostate trying to tell you otherwise. Keep your eyes on the horizon.


plenty of wisdom above; if you are not convinced, how about a second opinion from another doc?


If you are willing to consider alternative therapies, I hope you have read Ty Bollingers book, which provides an excellent overview. There are also tapes of a cancer conference he organized earlier in the year. Protocell has helped some people, but it is no universal cure, and gets mixed reviews from the alternative MDs I know. You are probably better off trying Rick Simpsom Oil, which has helped a lot of men. If you have money and are interested in actually getting on top of this, I can suggest an alternative MD in CA. I got a dx of advanced state 4 last Oct; there were mets all through my spine. Now i am doing great. I had a biopsy last month and they could find no live cancer. PM me if you want more information. I am not selling anything. craiginindia@gmail.com


I had Proton Beam at Luma Linda in California 2012 No side effects and easy treatment

However as in 30% of prostate cancer cases it resurfaced and I am now on Lupron ADT


I listened to a podcast the other day (try opening this link in Firefox or Internet Explorer, but not Google Chrome - webtalkradio.net/internet-t... ) and the lady being interviewed swears blind that Protocel saved her life. Of course this is not proof, but it's worth a listen all the same.


So how has your prostate cancer journey gone? I am an infrequent visitor here. 70 years old. On Active Surveillance for Gleason 6 PcA since Dec06


these people have something that work--i am living proof--just received this blast email from them--

Prostate Cancer moved into the bone structure--we have had him on very high amounts of products for this issue for 90 days --after 90 days here is his latest labs collected on 08/24/18---starting lab numbers--90 days ago--Glucose-121-now 75--alk phos 1035-now 452-Platlet count--257-now 194 --psa 270-now 0.02 -- --we still have a ways to go to get the cancer completely controlled/remission in the bone structure (with an alk phos of 452) but we have the cancer well under control and the alk should be back in range within the next 60 days or so--of note: typically the alk phos will remain high for a time period even after the psa falls to undetectable levels as the cancer is much harder to remove from the bone structure as opposed to stopping the growth in the flesh---very expensive to get this done (a large amount of product) cost well over $2000 usd per month--but as the client said- Quote--I would have likely been dead by now if I had continued with the medical and was getting worse by the day thank GOD I had the money to fund these products to get these results and most of all they are available- I have no pain whatsoever --unquote

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