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Oxycontin substitute?

Our insurance, which is through AARP, says it won't cover or fill slow release oxycontin so twice I just paid for it. Then the last time it was ordered, they changed it and filled it with oxycodone slow release. Is this pretty much the same? Harley has quite a lot of pain but much of it is nerves in his face from the cancer in the skull dura pressing on the facial nerves. I am wondering if anyone has tried anything else that might be covered and might help him with the nerve pain, since our primary Dr told us that actually opiates don't help with nerve pain much.

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Charlean, this is a good question. I'll be looking for answers since we should have back up plans.

So if opiates don't help with nerve pain, then how does it help sciatica? which I consider nerve pain?

I'm wondering Charlean if you can use a topical transdermal cream with cannabis in it or other painkilling types of things.. and put it directly in the area of those facial nerves.

thanks for asking this..



Hi. Gabapentin works well for nerve pain and is non-narcotic. I'm a nurse and we use that often for diabetic neuropathy. Also works well for neuropathy side effects from chemo. I'm surprised OxyContin is not covered. You could ask your doc about hydromorphone (dilaudid). This is a strong narcotic some with cancer use for breakthrough pain.


Nerve pain is really hard to live with, but it can be treated. Methods include prescription pain relievers, anticonvulsants and antidepressants, as well as electrical stimulation and other similar techniques. Not all types of nerve pain will be responsive to all the treatments, so it is important to see a neurologist who can figure out the nature of the pain and find the effective treatment for him.

In other words, have him see a good neurologist.



I think that they are the same thing---oxycodone is the generic name for the brand name OxyContin, according to my computer when I looked it up. So it should be the same thing with the same effectiveness.

I never asked why my doctors put me on extended-release morphine instead of the oxycodone, but it appears to be effective for me, along with Dilaudid (hydromorphone) for breakthrough pain.



I think that oxycontin is extended release and oxycodone is not. The idea is to keep the pain down and 'stay ahead of the pain' hence the extended release.


You should try CBD from the hemp plant. It has helped me with my pain for the last two years. I have stage 4 prostate cancer with bone metastasis. It has no THC in it so no highs while taking it. It also helps with chemotherapy sickness. It comes in pills, powder, liquid in syringes ( not injection ) and a new topical cream. See for more info. If you decide to buy try it don't buy more than 30 day supply. It doesn't work for 100% of those who try it. If at first it doesn't work increase the dose. You can't OD on this.

Good luck Dennis

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Thanks, I will check into that. Maybe the topical cream might help the nerve pain in his face. worth a try.


Stay away from opiates - I'm trying to quit those after being on them for about 3 years. Have you tried cannabis oil or edibles?


Yes, we do use the cannabis oil. I wasn't able to give it to him while in the rehab place but now that he's home, we are doing it again..but they have him back on the opiates. This week the palliative Dr told us we might be better off to switch to methadone. Anyone know much about that? He is on the max gabapentin, 3600 mg. per day, but it really never helped all that much for his neuropathy. The oil actually helped much more so I am hoping it will start to make a difference. Thanks for all the suggestions.


I think methadone is what they use to get people off of opiates - like in rehab. I think you two are headed in the right direction! God Bless and Happy 4th of July!


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