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Update on Dad and ideas πŸ’‘

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Dad entered hospital last week after 3rd round of docetaxal chemo. He was having difficulty breathing which they related to too much dilaudid slow release. He is still in the hospital as they are trying to figure out his pain meds.(should have been done back in December) Did a conference call today with his oncologist who feels chemo may not be working because of pain level and PSA. Starting PSA was 59.6, 46, 43. Wasn't happy with only a slight drop. She said if drop is not significant this time then we may need to try something new. Looking for thoughts, ideas, suggestions on next step, help of any sort. You guys have been my knowledge that I bring with me to every meeting with doctors. I can't thank you enough already for your help. His current line of treatment- docetaxel chemo every three weeks, prednisone, xgeva every 4 weeks, and Lupron every 4 months. For pain they have him on a fentenol patch and started him on naboline.

Thank you again for all your help.

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I don't have any knowledgeable info I just wanted to let you know that you and your dad are in my thoughts and my prayers. Sending healing hugs for both of you. Most sincere, Jackie

CBurnett in reply to erjlg3

Thank you Jackie. Never a battle I ever wanted to fight, but we will do our best. Xo

patandemma CBurnett

RE: shortness of breath

As you may know,Docetaxel can cause major fluid retention in some patients (me). This can definitely result in shortness of breath.

If his appetite has been poor for 3 cycles of docetaxel and he has NOT lost significant weight,that may be a clue that retaining fluid is the reason he has not lost weight.

In my case I put myself on a course of diuretics and lost about 20 pounds. Marked increase in endurance and strength due to ability to exercise more.

Good luck with searching for a more effective therapy

What diuretics did you use? His appitetite has stayed fairly well. He eats three good meals a day- usually small portions but a fair amount.

Is he eating the same amount as he did BEFORE chemo?

How does his weight compare to pre-chemo?

I used lasix and aldactone together

CBurnett in reply to patandemma

Smaller healthier meals but not equivalent as before. Has always ha a big belly.

Sending you a big hug from the UK, hope you get the meds sorted so that your dad feels more comfortable soon.

I think they still do respiratory.therapy. it isn't rocket science just proper breathing and keeping lungs clear.

There is a good article published in the Canadian Journal of Oncology showed that the more robust the PSA response the better the survival advantage. If he does not have a better response after one more round and given his side effects, he should instead consider and discuss with his doctor an alternative treatment.


CBurnett in reply to JoelT

Any suggestions on what treatments he should ask or try next?

JoelT in reply to CBurnett

What treatments gas he had and what type responses has he had? Has he had any genetic screening?


Hi Joe. He's only done 3 rounds of docetaxal, prednisone, Lupron and Xgeva. Lupron worked for first two shots so urologist skipped next then PSA went up so restarted. With docetaxal he's handled chemo well but psa has only gone from 59 to 46 to 43. His sister had the genetic screening and it was negative so his doctor said he didn't need it done. However his father passed away years ago from prostate cancer.

It seems that there is a universal plan for this cancer ..casodex .zytiga .xtandi .taxotere .jevtana ..xgeva and lupron in between courses ..the dr here in fla gave a weekly taxotere treatment .less harsh then every 3 weeks ..my husband tried xofigo for pain ..that was his last attempt with this cancer ...he had pain flares and it depleted his blood levels ..fight the flight

Trouble breathing can definitely be fluid retention backing up into his lungs. A diuretic like lasix would certainly help if this was the case. A Chest Xray could confirm if fluid in lungs. The pain med shouldnt give him difficulty breathing but rather it slows down his respirations. respirations should be between 12 and 20 a minute normally. First though, even though i am saying this last, just want you to know I am rooting for you and my thoughts are with you. Take care. Anne and Ron

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