Morning Wood?

It happened Friday morning, I guess about the sixth time in the last three or so years. 

I woke up with an erection, that wasn't a real erection. My penis, well the inner side of my penis was hard as a rock. The 'hard' part was about the size of my pinky finger, the rest just loose penis skin. It had a curve to it, but the problem is the pain. Agony. For a good half hour, I was in pain until I dozed back off. I woke up later with no problem at all. Eric, Maack, DS, Jon, has anyone had a problem like this? Darryl, Joel? Any ideas?

Thanks to all,


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  • Since you mentioned, "pain," then I suggest that you speak to your urologist.  

  • No, I haven't had any experience like it, but you should see your urologist soon.  I really don't know what would be causing the problem, but a urologist probably can sort it out very quickly.


  • Joe,

    Definitely head to your urologist.  Pain like you described can be caused by an infection, irritation, inflammation and even a cance mass in the penis.  Infection and cancer need to be treated and inflammation and irritation can be treated.  


  • Thanks guys,

    I should add that I'm an avid dreamer. If that makes sense. My dreams are frequent, vivid, and quite often sexual in nature. This may have been the cause, but when it happens, I don't recall having been dreaming.

    Prior to the onset of my disease, I recall waking up with an erection all the time, for no apparent reason. The good old days. No erections like that in the last five years. But, no pain back then either.

    I see my new uro on the 13th, we'll talk.


  • Don't be concerned about the erection, just be happy you woke up

  • Erections are good. Pain is not good. I hope you get some help. Don't suffer.

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