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Brain Pain/Skull Pain

I forgot all about this episode I had on Tuesday night.

I was perfectly at ease, watching PBS' National Parks program. Btw, very well filmed. Beautiful, actually.

 All of the sudden, it felt like someone hit me across the head with a bat. On my left side just above my brow. It knocked me silly. At first, I thought I was having a seizure. Then I thought a stroke, but everything else was OK. For hours my forehead, brow, cheek bone, orbital socket, and my temple were in crazy pain. I took what I always take for pain, a couple acetaminophens, a Trazodone, and went to bed. I woke up twelve hours later,and forgot all about it.

My PCP prescribed the Trazadone for a sleeping aid. It works great, no addiction, no hangover. I've also been on Cymbalta for a couple years. I was having brain pain back then, and the Cymbalta cured it. And. it sure helped with my depression a bit.

Any one else? 


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You need to report this pain to your doctor.      It could be a migraine, brought on by stress, or something else, but it needs attention.        I get all sorts of pains, some from the bone metastases, some from side effects of the medication, and some from arthritis, especially in my spine.      And I have mild headaches, but I think that it's from eyestrain, and I need new glasses.



You got some right on. Depending on who I want to listen to, I do/do not have mets in my spine. This is one reason why I'm between uro's. I've always had a bad astigmatism in my right eye, and at this moment I can't drive without getting a headache. So, eye strain is an issue. I have had the same eye doc for 25 years. I'm getting a new one here real soon.

I'm going to get to other mail, talk soon.



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