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The Dreaded Lupron Funk

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Happy Monday my friends. Just curious if anyone else gets what my wife refers to as the lupron funk? Seems like I go into this funk anywhere between 17 to 14 days prior to my every 3 month lupron injection. I seem to be the happiest dude in the world right up until this funk hits. It quickly dissipates within 48 to 72 hours after injection. Truly about the weirdest sensation I’ve experienced since getting diagnosed just over 4 years ago. First couple times I thought it might be onset of depression. If anyone else is experiencing this side effect, and found a way to deal with it, I’d love to share your process. Take care all!

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Sorry to hear of your troubles. I usually get the "lupron flu" a few days after my shot. Not going to post a video but I have been singing "We want the funk; gotta have the funk".

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3putt in reply to GoBucks

That’s hilarious! Always good to hear from a fellow Buckeye.

I get anxious knowing I will be getting blood results. Always good and back to normal

Yep’er, me too.

A funk for 2-3 days prior to 3 month shots and no other funk is pretty good, a lot of guys would trade for that.

Do you exercise, other than all that putting?😀

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That I do. At least 2 hours a day consisting of walking, biking and Qigong. All help for sure. I was wondering if there might be a connection to the funk as the lupron effect diminishes before next treatment. But you are spot on if that’s the only issue I’m blessed!

Also at 4 years, I get 6 month shots. I have noticed that same thing for a couple weeks before. Been doing it the past few days and shot is in a couple weeks. Add to that , lost a friend and fellow warrior yesterday. Very noticeable that I go over the edge much easier.

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My deepest condolences. Take care.

I am a former Ohioan. 2 yrs in and I have had some episodes of funk. Had not tied it to the shots so thanks for pointing that out. Not great this week and my shot is next Monday. Best way for me to get out us being around my 2 yr old grandson. Hard to not be happy around him. Wife gets nervous about blood work but I don't.

Keep fighting and putting less!

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Amen to both!

ADT affects each of us differently. That being said, there are common reactions of varying degrees; funk being one of them, lasting x amount of time. I was given 3 three month injections. Man, I wish that had been my only reaction to Lupron. Good for you! My funk lasted from day 1 of the treatment until the drug finally dissipated and left my system; many, many mos after the last injection. My funk included depression, suicidal thoughts, general malaise, overwhelming fatigue, and sadness (btw, exercise seemed to be the only thing that helped). So, from my perspective, you're lucky as hell. Carry on!


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3putt in reply to EdinBmore

Thanks, I appreciate your feedback. My funk includes pretty much everything you mentioned albeit it passes relatively quickly. Stay strong!

I get the lupron funk the day following my injections. It typically lasts between 3 and 6 weeks in my case. Usually it is accompanied by severe brain fog that greatly impairs my ability to work as a data analyst while it lasts. When I noticed the trend, I started to book my vacations in accordance to my injections.

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I forgot to mention that I typically feel fine in the week or two before I get the injection. I guess we are all different. From what I understand it hits the men younger than 60 the hardest. Probably because we're normally have higher testosterone levels than older men

Yes about a week to ten days before I'm due for my six month Eligard injection I get the funk . I asked the Doctor about it and he said no its not causing any problems. I don't know if it's in my mind that I'm due or that when I am due my six month scans are also due talk about your funk coming on. Never give up Never surrender. Leo

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Amen brother! Thanks for the info

I lift heavy weights, do intense cardio (wrestling) and practice yoga and meditation. All of which dramatically improves my sense of well being as well as keeps my weight in check. There are of course some days where its harder to get moving but the moment I start, the funk disappears. Currently on month-eight of a one-year sentence.

I've been on Lupron (only, except for Xgeva) for over 3 1/2 years and have never experienced that.

I used to have that as well. Think PMS, only 3 months worth all at once. See if your wife doesn't agree. That is the reason, after 8 years, that I had the boys cut off. Now no more PMS, hot flashes diminishing and life would be good if it were not for the chemo...

BTW, if you do go the orchiectomy route, make sure your surgeon discusses it with you and get the prosthetics, you'll be glad you did.

Great advice! Thanks

Did you ever think that living in OHIO gives you the Funk......

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

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