Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Diagnosed 8 years ago at age 71 with APC. PSA 160, Gleasons 9. Many glands affected in abdomen and around spine but no bone metastases. Went on to Zolacos which then used intermittantly. PSA driven down to below 1 then allowed to rise. This rise and fall continued until a couple of years ago with a gradual rise of nadir. Now on Zoladex without Cosudex. On latest scan no glands appear to be affected

Usual side efeects but can live with them. No pain at any time. Currently PSA hanging around in the 10 to 15 area.

Was given 2 to 5 years and am still going along OK but have to say it is a strange world at times with the shadow hanging over me. But I have had great support from family and friends and that is most important.

I live in Australia and am grateful to the medical services here for my survival.

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Happy to hear you have beaten the odds so far...  Hang in there - wishing you the best.

It will be 4 years ago in July that I was diagnosed with a Gleason 9 with mets to the bladder and pelvic lymph nodes.  I had external beam radiation and spent 26 months on ADT (Lupron and Casodex).  Right now I seem to be in a temporary remission; just trying to live life to the fullest while I can...

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No doctor can possibly know how long any of us have to be on this earth.  We were not born with an expiration date stamped on your heads.  some of us will not survive today while others of us will be hear in ten, twenty and even thirty years from now.



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