6 month update on Olaparib

Quick update........if you are interested in more drop me a note. 

I've been on Olaparib for 6 months. My predominant challenge has been low blood counts and back pain from compression fractures in my thoracic spine. 

Despite fact that Olaparib can cause anemia, my platelets & HmG are improving! This is very encouraging. Hemoglobin was up is 10.6, platelets continue to rise to 158. 4 weeks ago it was in low 30's. PSA dropped to18% to 1179. 

Pain management is a challenge. After upgrading Fentynl dosage to no avail I will be switching to methadone. Hoping and praying I get a handle on my pain.

Thanks to the crowdfunding initiative that was driven by Sam Poley's efforts there is enough funding to initiate the clinical trial (give1fordad.com) using disulfiram and copper. This is likely to start in early summer. It's planned to have 3 cohorts (one for adenopathic, anaplastic & another neuroendocrine). As long as my blood counts are acceptable I my be part of adenopathic cohort. 

All the best!


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  • Dominic,

    Good news and keep us in the loop.


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