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6 month update on Olaparib

Quick update........if you are interested in more drop me a note. 

I've been on Olaparib for 6 months. My predominant challenge has been low blood counts and back pain from compression fractures in my thoracic spine. 

Despite fact that Olaparib can cause anemia, my platelets & HmG are improving! This is very encouraging. Hemoglobin was up is 10.6, platelets continue to rise to 158. 4 weeks ago it was in low 30's. PSA dropped to18% to 1179. 

Pain management is a challenge. After upgrading Fentynl dosage to no avail I will be switching to methadone. Hoping and praying I get a handle on my pain.

Thanks to the crowdfunding initiative that was driven by Sam Poley's efforts there is enough funding to initiate the clinical trial ( using disulfiram and copper. This is likely to start in early summer. It's planned to have 3 cohorts (one for adenopathic, anaplastic & another neuroendocrine). As long as my blood counts are acceptable I my be part of adenopathic cohort. 

All the best!


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Good news and keep us in the loop.



Hello Dominic,

My husband, who is crpc and has the BRCA, just started on the Lynparza a week ago. Apparently it takes a while before you feel it working because he's still having some severe bone pain. However, we're wondering if some of this pain might be the musculoskeletal pain listed as a side effect. -won't know until his next blood test in 1-1/2 weeks. Our oncologist said to give it more time to work. Wondering how much time - did you notice the same?

Are you still on the the Lynparza? I've been searching the internet for PC users and found one poster wrote he's been on it nearly 3 years! Another was on it 2 years and had to take a break due to low blood counts.

I hope you're doing well.



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