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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Accepting the diagnosis

I was diagnosed with high risk prostate cancer in December 2015, prior to my 59th Bday.  Prostatectomy in Late January, Lupron starred week 4, radiation starts this month then a run of chemo (recommended by my urologist and oncologist)  PSA has almost gotten to that magic <0.1, was 0.26 just 8 weeks after surgery which was a pleasant surprise for my Urologist and oncologist.  No bone involvement, lymphs involved have been removed...we plod on thru the process.  I did start an antidepressant which has helped tremendously...didn't want to start one.

Taking every minute to embrace my soon to be wife, my 2 sons, family and friends...I am going to beat this thing !!!

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Right on,we will kick it!


How wonderful for you that it was caught so early, and you have an excellent prognosis.

When first confronted with the fact that we have the big "C" it's like a kick in the teeth, and prostate cancer really hits us where we live.       I'll never forget the phone call, when my uro didn't want to give me the info over the phone, but I begged him to tell me, and he simply told me that, "yes, you have prostate cancer.'

That was after the biopsy, and then came the scans, and the meeting in his office with the scan results, when he told me that my cancer is "treatable, but incurable."

But I was diagnosed late, with a very high PSA of 744, and the prostate had invaded the bladder and up against the rectum wall.      I asked about surgery, but he said that it would just cause unnecessary pain and suffering, and it had already spread to all of my pelvic lymph glands, as well as spine and sacrum.

I'm telling you this so that you realize just how lucky that you are, not to elicit sympathy or pity.           I can't beat this thing, but it's always good to hear from someone who does beat it----it gives all of the rest of us hope and encouragement.

Thank you for sharing this,



I am so thrilled to hear about your attitude! & prognosis.  I discovered about prostate cancer in me when I applied for new term life insurance.  Their blood test came back with a psa of 35.  My insurance agent told me I was denied coverage because my pas was astronomically high!  My response was:  whats psa?

I am also treatable but not curable like Cericwin.  However the positive influence from not having my prostate is that my list of things I'll do someday has now become things I am doing.  Preparing my "I will List" (instead of bucket list) revealed some things that had been lurking around inside me but I had always thought I'd get to someday.

For instance I'll be driving in my first demolition derby and parachuting this summer.  I'm planning for a trip to Africa and now finally at 57 I'm appreciating all that is me.  It's a shame that it took such a blow for me to wake up and realize what's really important!

Like Cericwin says its great to hear stories like yours!!  Spread the word baby digital exams are great!!  Wishing I still worried about getting one.

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