Pete, 65, from North Yorkshire, England. Diagnosed with locally advanced ca prostate in Dec 2014. PSA 22, Gleason score 7. Started on hormone therapy immediately combined with radiotherapy for 37 sessions commencing St Patricks Day 2015 and finishing 5 days before my 65th birthday. Not the sort of build up to my 65th that I'd envisaged but que sera que sera. PSA came down quickly to <1 and down to 0.1 on latest two tests. Had some psychological problems 6 months ago but resolved with support from local team and a coouple of chats with cancer psychologist. Side effects demoralizing - hot flushes and night sweats, erectile dysfunction - so have been given go ahead to come off hormone therapy. Otherwise enjoying life to the full, cycling, golfing, walking. And the bonus of a trip to California in a weeks time to enjoy hospitality of a friend I've not seen for many years so looking forward to some warmth.

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  • Pete,

    Welcome to the group.  Glad that you found the help you needed.  There is no shame in needing help, and it is good that you recognized that you needed help.  You are a great example.


  • Enjoy the life we have. Oh, forget the CHEMICAL answers to ED, try the vacuum pump for rehab and mutual enjoyment. Worked for me until off ADT and back to a new normal.


  • Yes, live for today, never know what's around the corner. That's why I accepted invitation from a friend to visit in USA next week. Johan Cruyff gone now. Yes, bought a vacuum pump end of last year, I found it very unerotic to begin with but things changed and now have fun with it.

  • Pete I don't know if you are close to York or Selby - we have a prostate cancer support group with meetings at York Hospital (4 times per year) or Selby Bowling Club 7.30pm first Weds of the month

  • Hi Bryan, thanks for getting in touch and apologies for not replying sooner. I am already in the York group and hope to be at next meeting which I think is scheduled for 23rd May. Pete

  • Sorry Pete the meeting has been refixed for the 9th may at 7pm - Gerald was trying to catch up with as many people as possible. It will be a chat with Dr Ornella Belverdere one of the oncologists

  • Thanks for that info Bryan. I've been away and am catching up with emails so may be something in my inbox. I will update my calendar. Pete

  • I wish you good luck Pete! Stay positive no matter what!

  • Thanks Jeff, yes, I'm living for today and enjoying live. Setting off today for 3 weeks around Europe - France, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium. Then California again in October.

    You take care too.

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