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Frequently shifting hyper focus


Does anyone else find that they get excited by things and hyper focus on something for say hours to days, but then circle back to the same thing later and you're just utterly.....bored? I've wasted a lot of money thinking I had found a new hobby or interest only to discover the next day that I didn't care about it at all. This is a recurring problem and it's a little frustrating.

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Oh absolutely. Sometimes I cycle back and hyper focus on the same thing again and then I'll maybe finish it. It's definitely frustrating and also expensive! I do the thing of thinking I'll do whatever craft, get all the supplies, and then be bored. Maybe I'm just interested in shopping, idk. I also do the grand plans, like I get into weaving, plan to get a giant loom and make lots of blankets, and get stuck after buying one thing of yarn. It's part of why I struggle to keep up with planners - it's a fun artsy thing for me but it gets boring.

This isn't super relevant, but if anyone is wondering, the hyper focus of this week is gardening and stained glass.

Very much so. But what is more disheartening is that for me a thing can last a few weeks/months - as I cling onto it thinking this is it - and then I wake up one day and the next 'great idea' pops into my head...

It is because those of us with adhd are serotonin/dopamine junkies. We’re constantly searching for that which is new and exciting. Once something has past the honeymoon phase we move on to the next new exciting thing.

I dont think we are junkies- and like seratonin/ dopamine more than the avg human. We just dont make seratonin/ dopamine like other people so we are starving for it and it takes ALOT of new, interesting projects to actually trick our bodies into making it. But then our brains quickly adjust to the new thing and the new thing becomes old things... and the struggle continues.

And yes, i totally dabble in 101 things. Its irritating but damn it makes us interesting! I can relate/ connect with almost everyone cuz guaranteed i have prob dabbled a bit in whatever they happen to be into!!! 😂

I on the same page and I've found it to be extremely frustrating,because i have dealt with the same issue for 60 yrs and drove my mom crazy, i realized at a young age that having a hobby is gre

at therapy.

I always played with erector sets (putting things together) and found out that I could build a dollhouse

And found it a real challenge to build a dollhouse the same way you would build a real house. That being said ,I have committed myself to the hobby as it

Is always a challenge to recreate the same only in miniature. I like you have those hyperfocus

moments and find it great but unnerving at the same time,so I continue to adjust and cope.

Yes, yes, yes! The novelty wears off. It poses not challenge and you lose interest until the next bright object comes into view and you're off again. This facet of ADHD is something you'll have to contend with. it's part of who you are.

fanglorious in reply to TAJB

That's so depressing the way you phrased that last bit lol. I wonder if it improves with medicine

Yesss I do that with more than just hobbies. I’m super excited about any given topic and start reading a book about it, then I lose interest and move on to the next book, or the next topic that I have to learn everything I can about online (hyperfocus). I used to do that with magazines too but finally wised up about it and no longer buy magazines.

I relate with this soooo much.

I’ve found that the only way to counteract losing interest is to find excitement in the mundane. Learn about how satisfaction is really more fulfilling than excitement.

I don't do the new thing after new thing....MY problem is sticking with routine - doing the same thing daily - checking communication, calendars etc ...lots of things that help with organization but i can't seem to master (yet)

Oh my goodness! You're preaching to the choir here! Story of my life. I get really excited about a new hobby or task and hyper focus, then I'll lose momentum and get bored and don't finish what I'm working on. Then I'm off looking for the next new task and start the cycle all over again. Can't even keep track of all the unfinished projects around the house. It is VERY frustrating!

I was an insurance defense paralegal for over 5 years. One of my main responsibilities was to organize, summarize, analyze and look for a way for my firm to pay out less money on a case. I used my hyperfocus skills to successfully get through these assignments and it went as far as my mind reaching out to an action that saved the firm money. Truth be known, at the same time, there were papers strewn at times all over my desk. The problems with hyperfocusing is when you become like a dog with a bone and let's say play video games for hours on end., or some other kind of addictive habit.

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