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ADHD Weekly -- International Travel with ADHD Medications


Have you traveled internationally with your medication for ADHD? We looked up some resources and laws regarding leaving the United States with medication.

Read " Know Before You Go: International Travel with ADHD Medications" at for what we learned about international travel. What has been your experience continuing your treatment plan when your medication may not be legal in the country you're visiting?

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I live in the UK and have also lived in Singapore. Travelled throughout Europe, Asia & North America without any issues with medication since 2006. I always travel with meds in my hand luggage; ensure every medication has the dispensary sticker with name, address, dosage etc and in long trips (1-6 months) carry most recent care plan from consultant. I remove them from bag into tray when screened at security and have only ever been asked once about the meds. No need for concern as long as you can prove they are yours and dispensed appropriately

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