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Help the paranoid, anxiety ridden ADHD chick lol


I just got started on 20 mg adderall. Technically a 10 mg 2 times a day. I'm 24 and just diagnosed. I've never taken any medications like this (long term kind of thing), and honestly because of the sever paranoia/anxiety. I never ask enough questions or feel like they're gonna judge me when I ask. What do I do if it's not working? Basically the only thing i felt when taking the 10 in the morning was slightly less tired. The PM dose didnt do anything either. Learning a new position at my job that requires literally all of my focus all day. Seated. Staring at a computer and basically crunching numbers. I have another appointment in a month but until then, this isnt doing anything. Advice? Do I call? When is it okay to call ? What do I say? Please help lol.

Side note: he did say at the visit that he was starting me with a really really low dose because of all the caffeine consumption and "I want you to be able to sleep".

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When I had problems with other medications . I didnt want to wait for three months. I called my dr. and got in within that week. My medication wasnt working anymore, my antidepressants. I have had my dr. adjust my Adderall a number of times and got in to see her much earlier. I have also learned that it also takes time for our body to adjust to new dosage of medication. 2 to 3 weeks. Depending on the medication that was given. Having a coach also helps for the work place. Ask your np. for one or ask your social worker. I have had a coach help me in the work place. Also talk to your dr. to see them earlier because you have some concerns about your medication. Good luck.

When did you start taking it?

So, after taking Adderall, half of the drug remains in your body for 9-14 hours. Adderall will completely clear of your system in 3 days. If you’ve given it a week (possibly two) and don’t feel a change, I’d ask for an earlier consult.

Did you read all of the material the pharmacist gave you? You should. Also, I take something for my ADD and my anxiety. That might end up being your long term solution after you both figure out the right dosage for your ADHD. For now, write down your questions beforehand and go over them one by one in his office. That’s my advice. Good luck!

I'd echo this. Try to be patient. ADHD meds aren't a quick fix. And they likely won't make your challenges go away with regards to learning the new job. They may take the edge off and make it easier to focus and learn, but you'll still have to find new strategies to manage and cope even with the medicine. As well, don't expect ADHD meds, even stimulants, to perk you up and keep you awake. That's unfortunately not what they're designed to do. You may have some of that as you start the medication, but usually that stuff goes away the longer you're on it. I'd say be patient, monitor your symptoms, and work closely with your doctor.

I just started on it three days ago. After taking it in the morning I feel a little bit more awake but that's it. Still unable to focus at all. My mind is just everywhere or i space out randomly. And I know this could most likely be unrelated, but when I had my addiction 5 years ago (partied for about 4 years with many different drugs but main one was cocaine) my tolerance to every drug I've tried has always been high. Alcohol included. (Shocks most people since I'm only 100lbs lol). Of course always still cautious and started with a very small amount to make sure something wasnt gonna kill me or I wouldnt OD. I'm not dumb lol. But i did read that adderall effectivness depends on how quickly it enters the blood stream or something like that. Maybe I just naturally have a high tolerance to everything.

I ended up rambling and forgot my point. I just had to re read what I wrote 3 times🙃.

BUT ANYWAY, I sucked it up and asked the nurse and she said that yes, it could not be working because of the low dosage, they just have to start at that. And anytime I feel it's not working anymore to give them a call. My anxiety flipped off for a few before this and my brain was like "well, why would they make you take something for a whole month that's not working? Like, if they give you meds for infection and the infection doesnt go away or gets worse you dont keep taking those meds, you get new ones, right?"

I'm rambling again. I'll stop. Idek where I'm going with this anymore lmao. But yall get it. Thank you to everyone that commented!

I would call bc it’s supposed to help immediately. You are old enough to know if it makes a difference. Being you just started a new job I think it’s best you call. If you have to adjust you caffeine then you will . If the higher dose works you won’t need it . Go for it!

I have worked for many years with kids and adults with ADHD and my experience with starting meds is that it is a trail for quite sometime to see what meds (there is others to try) and what dose works best for you. I agreE with many replies on here. What I do want to add is you should find a therapist who is knowledgeable about ADHD and work with that person to learn more about your ADHD and ways to improve your ability to manage your ADHD is more sucessful ways. KNOWLEDGE GIVES YOU POWER and a good therapist is crucial to your future improvement and finally it takes courage to accept this Diagnosis and begin trials on meds, but again meds is not the whole intervention.

Yaaaa....anxiety is torture!! When I was younger and anxiety and paranoia ruled my life... I had to write my questions or concerns down on a paper and give it to my doctor. NOw your medication, that is a low dose, and depending on how long until your next apt ( I see that you put a month, but how long ago was the apt?) Your doctor may be required to have you stabilize with that dose and then move up. You can call the office and just ask. I also use the online communication with my PA anytime I have a question or concern. Then during my apt she reviews them. (It's crazy how much I forget what I had asked her, but my concerns are real and concerning!!) But be OK if your doc tells you that you have to wait. Health care prof. are being very careful with addiction issues and such. Just be completely honest and forthcoming ( not assuming your not!)

If you don't already, a good therapist would make a huge difference. It has for me!

I hope this has helped.


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