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All this Nootropics what's your take

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As I deal with ADD PTSD and odd fatigue with labs all good a struggle since a kid now 41. I need to fill out my story still. However need to be able to stay awake. Get things done and learn to deal with the events that scare me to relive for a second. As someone that is not a fan of meds I will take to help myself . However suddenly see this focus on Nootropics some complicated some not. If the goal is to feel well awake and together what is your take on all these supplements and stacks. One thing is to be careful as vitamins and supplements can be just as dangerous as RX and with conditions as well as meds some compounds are big for seratosis bleeds and more. I read alot before I decided and would love an OTC supplement vs powerful stimulants if possible. Has anyone tried or researched the smart pill also showing help with conditions that are often treated with narcotics ?

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Hey I hope you get the help soon. . I know your frustrations and concerns. I wish there was someone out there who cared. Or even listen to what we're trying to say..

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