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Appropriate medication levels?


Diagnosed with ADHD in my 20's. I'm a 57 year old man now. I've been on regular Addarall 4 X 20mg pd, and Klonopin 4 X 1mg pd or simular medications for about 35 years. Some of my family feels like, if these meds don't relieve all of my ADD symptoms, that this must not be an appropriate medication or dosage.

Can I get you opinion on this?

Is there a better medication on the market?

Is the dosage too high? Too low?

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Medication is not a cure but helps control symptoms . I also have ADD and PTSD I am taking Adderall 20mg tid. I was told 60mg is usually the maximum dose and to be concerned with heart conditions bc of our age. I take Klonopin 1mg tid. So my opinion is your meds might be to high. I can not tell when I am on my meds BUT I can tell when off. If I dont take Adderall I am a nervous air headed mess that can not complete a simple task. The klonopin just helps me not think of over think to much

I wish you the best and hope I helped

Sounds a bit familair long term and tolerance. New meds are out that are true extended release adderal name brand 3 bead time release. Along with other similar to adderal that may be found effective in lower doses just the different compounds. Clonopin is very binding I know.. somthing to be extremly careful with and limited alternatives for comparable med. I suppose if you experinace breakthrough severe anxiety low dose addition of short acting is fair. Overall if the meds are working and you feel well avoid change unless needed.

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