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How do I go about getting help


Hello everyone, I went to my gp to get a diagnosis to know if I had ADHD because my dad had it and I am showing many sign indicating that I do... But then I was added to "the list" but I have not been contacted or anything and the more time i waste not getting help the more I feel trapped in myself, like liquid in a jar.... please can someone tell me how they cope before there started receiving treatment...

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Hi Anthony! The first thing I did when when I told my therapist that I timed myself to read a chapter for 20 mins and only was able to read 2? She told me to research ADHD. It turns out I’ve been living with ADD inattentive type.

I purchased a book called Driven to Distraction. I’ll post a picture of the book because I don’t remember the writers name. He gives lots of tips on what to do. Also if you can google CHADD it is an organization for people living with ADHD/ADD.

Thank you so much...I thought I was not going to get a response...I'll try to read the book and most definitely look up CHADD... Once again thank you

Great book!! Answered more questions about ADD than anyone I’ve seen!

I just post the book recommendation and i will be posting where to find help resources from the book

I am newly diagnosed myself and just learning about it but as far as I can tell there isn't a magic cure, there are medications that help some people, is that what you're hoping for? From what I've read, aside from medication, we have prayer, meditation, exercise and conscientious eating, engaging in learning activities, all which will help rewire your brain. A therapist helps me and I understand there are ADHD coaches if you can afford one or maybe you can find a support group. Look around on youtube, many many videos there and when I went to the library I was overwhelmed with the number of books.

Thank you very much

Remember you probably have had Add all your life, now just finding out what is different in you will explain a lot of things about you. Relax, look on the internet for information, there are 7 different types of ADD, and each one needs to be treated in different ways. Go to DR Amen's website, he has a lot of information, he has made tests you can do at home to find out what type you have. He is known as one of the best world his field. Good luck the answers are there you just need to search.

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