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New old guy with ADHD diagnosis


Hi all, I’ve recently been diagnosed with ADHD at the ripe age of 41. Meeting with a psychiatrist to discuss treatment options. The amount of information about treatment is a bit overwhelming! I was hoping others could provide me some wisdom into my next phases and what I should be cautious about. Thanks for the support!

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You're not old! I found out at 58! Yes, there is overwhelming information, because I have educated myself as well.. YouTube, Podcasts and books. I also had a psychiatrist and therapist. I was on meds for about a year. This passed March, I lost my job and because of my ADHD, procrastination, etc., my insurance wasn't implemented till July. I weaned myself off the meds, because I couldn't afford them. What I found is my head was clearer, I wasn't sitting in front of my computer for 3 hours in the morning, stressing and anxious about going to a toxic office. The job was a huge issue for me since I notified them of my ADHD and they made my job and life, a living hell. Now, I am doing what I want with work, I am working PT, and looking for another PT job to balance out the week. I have never been happier. Sometimes, it's the way we are living our life, that makes our symptoms come out. I have chosen to be happy and that seems to work for me. Good luck.


ADHD is difficult to deal with. Each of us reacts differently to vatious treatments. Do your best to educate yourself about your condition and if medication is or isn't needed. Try to find a caring doctor and/or therapist and support group. I agree with the othet comment about mot being to's good to know this about yourself. It may help you understand why you do the things you do. It's important to do your best by staying connected, gaining more knowledge about ADHD, using this media, eating a good diet, exercise...just keep moving, and good sleep. Good luck on this part of your journey. 😊

Also diagnosed a few years ago, at the YOUNG age of 58. Meds have helped in my situation. But the knowledge I have gained by reading info on here and on have been the biggest help. has a ton of information. You can search for particular areas, such as ADHD and Work, ADHD and Marriage, etc. I highly recommend the site to educate yourself as much as possible.

Hi mussronkey,

My suggestion is to keep a notebook, journal hard copy or electronic. Some meds may not work or you may notice changes.( friends or partner may notice). I was put on Adderall, my wife noticed that I always seemed angry. I notated it and a couple of days later I got frustrated with my phone and threw it across the room. That ended Adderall for me. By keeping the notes you can be aware of any changes and how long you have been taking meds. There is a lot of information, Hunt down whatever you like but discuss it with you psychiatrist or couch or therapist.... just so you double check the information.

Good luck

Psychiatrists, unless its is there specialty, usually are not well informed about ADHD, they mainly just push pills. I highly recommend you log on to Dr Daniel Amen's site. Brain Md. I retired from nursing after 31+ years, have ADD , had a SPEC T scan because I wanted to make sure I was on the right meds and have proof to show naysayers. I have ADD that shows up on his scan with no other components. Stimulant meds are what work for me. There are several different types and subtypes. Only a few types help my type and the rest get worse on it. PLease for your own sake look Dr Amen up. He gives a lot info on the subject HE HAS EXCELLENT CREDENTIALS. And will probably help a lot when you see your doctor. good luck.

Does he accept Medicare?

I was diagnosed at 55, felt a great relief at first till I was told I could not have the usual medications as I had a heart issue, seeing they only did the medical model so said sorry and discharged me. So much to understand I get a lot from additude, but so hard to live with it and get to grips with. Hope to use this area to discuss different symptoms . Thank you for this

Read everything! Educate yourself on your condition. Try mindfulness awareness practice. Good luck !

Stimulate medication start with a low dose I started 20 and took it once a day for 10 years until I increased, probably should have left it at 20. I needed to give the medication a couple weeks to get used to it. Then it felt for me like I wasn’t on anything and some of my adhd issues were not so much an issue

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