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New adult adhd diagnosis


Hi i am 32 and recently been diagnosed with ADHD i am ao stressed as have not received any info and cant find any helplines etc. Any info or help appreciated

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There’s are books( paper or Ebooks, websites , YouTube videos by 100s. Articles and forums and groups, their are podcasts on adhd/ add and you could ring the psychiatrist that diagnosed you an ask him for an appointment to explain to you.

I recommend a YouTube channel called “How to ADHD” she gives a lot of helpful advice along with scientific explanations, and she makes it really fun to watch.

Don't over stress! The good news is that you have identified the source of what might be causing your stress! Now you are empowered to do something about it! YouTube definitely has some great videos (and some funny ones you will definitely relate to!) This is a manageable problem!

yes Jessica Mccabe's YouTube "How to Adhd" is really good, I highly recommend.

Everything is going to be ok. Read the book Faster Than Normal by Peter Shankman. That is where I started and was so excited to finally understand why I did the things I did. Now I am working towards using the diagnoses as a benefit and a blessing. I am super excited to have learned this because there are so many tools out there that can help you. Also, listen the the podcast with the same name. Amazing people telling their amazing stories about have they have grown and learned about themselves and what they can do with it. And some are very accomplished people and some are just everyday middle class people so it is a great mix of different people.

Welcome to the family! The guys have mentioned a lot of great sources but i wanted to say something different. You survived 32 years without knowing anything about the diagnosis and what might've caused some difficulties in your life. So there is no need to think that knowing more about yourself and your mind and understanding how you function and where you're prone to make mistakes will make it more difficult.

ADHD present itself differently in each person, biologically it's the same but how the symptoms present can be really different between 2 people, so you probably know about your ADHD more than you think. If you have a problem try to figure what is causing it, plan for it and try to overcome it. Yes you will fail to do so sometimes but who doesn't?

Try to be calm, thoughtful of yourself and get support whenever you need it (Here or other online communities - not sure if i can link another website but *Reddit*!) - I hope that you'll soon realise that the diagnosis is a blessing because you can manage the downsides and you'll enjoy the ups of it!

All the luck and feel free to message me if you have any questions! i got diagnosed somewhat recently and i'll be happy to help.

Welcome! You got lots of responses on this board to your post, which is great to see! I was diagnosed around age 53; I'm 67 now. The book "You Mean I'm not Lazy, Stupid, or Crazy?" by Peggy Ramundo and Kate Kelly was very helpful and ey-opening. Helped me a lot. Also helpful was attending a monthly adult ADHD support group, although I haven't been in a few years now. I want/need to go back.

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