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When meds don't help



I am curious if there are any other medication non-responders here, and if you have found any non-medication interventions that help you live better with ADHD. So far I have been on six medications. I have never experienced any positive effect on my ADHD symptoms from any of them, and have had negative effects from all of them. I have also tried meditation, online coaching, and a plethora of fringe tratments over the last 20 years. Nothing has helped yet. I am always looking for solutions. Any ideas?

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Man I wish I did. One thing is getting age on you, stuff falls away. What meds have you tried if you don’t mind.

I'm the same way. I don't even remember what all I tried but when I was first diagnosed but it was pretty much everything available at the time. I had allergic reaction to two and then there is the side effect of not eating. I'm already thin and can't afford to loose much weight but tried them anyway out of desperation but still nothing. My last doctors appointment, I told him I really needed something to help me. Haven't tried any meds in a while - kinda gave up on them. He gave me Strattera and I feel nothing. I took double and still nothing. I've tried CBD oil and nothing. I can't understand why nothing helps me. If you ever find something that works for you, please please let me know.

There’s a dna test that tells you which ADHD medications would work best for you.

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