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Do I need a higher dose?

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Hey guys and gals,

I recently started taking 5mg EXR of Adderall about three weeks ago. I'd say it does help me focus on work WHEN I can actually sit down and do it. It also helps me with tone and voice level awareness, so that I'm not so distracting at work, but I'm still fairly keyed up, especially in the morning. The first few days I took the medication it made me a little drowsy and mellowed me out great, but now I'm back to the same hyper level. Should I stop having my daily cup of coffee? Or, do I need a higher dose? I go back to see my Psychiatrist on the 26th. The only thing I worry about with going on a higher dose is that the Adderall gives me major mood swings. Sometimes I'm so impatient with people and ready to rip their faces off if they talk to me or get on my nerves, and then other times I super excitable and happy. What gives?

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