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Newly diagnosed at 44

Hello all!

I'm newly diagnosed with Adhd at age 44. I'm just starting to explore options with treatment. This diagnosis came as a shock but, I can't say that I didn't know something was wrong with me all my life. It was always there but, I couldnt put my finger on it. Now, I finally can make sense of it and finally cope with it in a healthy way (hopefully).

I'm back in college and also working and I'm having a hard go at it. Not being able to focus is stressing me out and sending me into panic and despair. I don't want to quit school and be defeated by this! So I'm earnestly searching for ways to make this work with the extra added "adhd" rock in my bag.

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Hi Kami, same here returning to school much later in life and newly diagnosed. It can be challenging but we're so resilient that we can make it work!


Hay ... I’m doing Nvq it’s so hard to knuckle down, but somehow we manage, have u looked at different foods to eat and not for ADHD .. they suggest high protein and fibre .. I googled it, it’s defiantly worth a look if u haven’t already. Drinking plenty of water and regular exercise can help also. Xx 💪🏻 together we are all stronger ❤️


Im right there with you. Just got diagnosed at 46 after a life time of struggle. It was not a surprise.

Wellcome to the tribe!


I can certainly identify with your experience of realizing something is wrong but not being able to put my finger on it! I really thought I had dementia as my symptoms became increasingly unmanageable when I hit perimenopause. My doctors have ruled out dementia, thank goodness!

Good luck with your endeavors. I know it’s really tough, and stress really aggravates my symptoms. Our health is primary! I know for me, I can’t add anything more to my life until I get this figured out. I really hope and pray for your sake that you put your mental and physical health above everything.

Best to you,..


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