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New, next step

New here ~ 21 yo son in rehab for 2nd time due to alcohol and drug addiction. Diagnosed with Inattentive ADD 12 years ago. Struggled in school but did ok. Was on Adderal XR for past 10 years without going to Pysch. We were never told he should be in counseling. Rehab Counselor requested psych eval as she believes there is more to his addictions due to ADD, depression and anxiety. Live in Chgo and amazing to me the limited doctors available for treating the whole person. They want him to go to Sober Living after rehab but he is scared to live alone. His whole situation has put me in a depression and I have always felt I have ADD. I am feeling hopeless and it is hard to function on a daily basis. What should be my first step? Should I get help in order to help him? Should it be a Psychiatrist or a Counselor/Social Worker? Any help guiding would be appreciated.

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Definitely help yourself, maybe start with a counselor, and don’t hesitate to find one you like. You’ll know. I was lucky and I only had to try twice. The first counselor I went 3 times and by then I said no way and randomly picked someone else on my insurance list. She ended up being great. I’ve been seeing her since April and have made progress in my life. Very thankful

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