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Anyone else graduate college on the 12 year program???

Hey there,

Teacher w/ 12 yr. college program. I tried several medications in college...Metidate ER was the best for me. I could sit through the most boring lecturers/professors...and go home..and not wait until the last minute to do my school projects/papers.

Though ADD was my undiagnosed issue... I lived my child and adulthood under the "He's so smart, but just doesn't apply himself / lazy" stigma.

I wish I was diagnosed while in school. I would have at least been able to keep my grades up...And for sure...I would have had more opportunities academically, and athletically, in basketball and/or soccer. Being academically ineligible was a very common phrase for me in high school.

My ADD has good things, too. I am a multitask-er addict...I am super unorganized, but my ability to teach to several different learning minds on specific math standards is my strength.

As for the relationship side...I guess I am learning that it's not easy to be married with someone like me....

....and so it begins...

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I never even graduated.

I feel you on the late diagnosis. Im 46 and was givin the news a week ago. When I was kid I heard the same noise "You are so smart and talented. You just need to pay attention and blah blah blah. And as a kid how do you explain? They slapped other labels on me instead....

Hang in there man.


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