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Focusing Aid Suggestions

Hi O! Wondering if anyone has suggestions for focusing aids (podcasts, online radio stations, youtube channels) that can help me get moving with my to-do list? I had been binging on a couple things (like old episodes of 'How Clean is Your House' or classic vinyl stations) but appreciate some suggestions for when those don't work anymore. Thank you! :)

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I have the same problem. Especially, this week. We’ve been “snowed in” for almost a week. No school for kids and teachers/staff. I work in a school and am SO ready to go back! I definitely need a routine! I just downloaded an app called ATracker. It is customizable and once set up, shows you where you spend your day/time in a pie chart or calendar. It’s been a little tedious to set up, but I think this will show me where I am wasting time and falling down ADHD traps. My husband was happy I downloaded it since my ADHD is very noticeable right now.

I feel your pain! Let me know how you’re doing.


I use essential oils. Also How To ADHD on YT is great.


I love Jess. #TeamBrain

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I just looked this up, thank you! Great videos.

I just watched one about running out of meds, and one about being diagnosed as an adult, and I cried at both :___(

Guess I needed that today!


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