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ADHD and Mindfulness: Learn More!

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Have you tried mindfulness as a way to cope with ADHD symptoms? You can learn in the video "How mindfulness practice can benefit people with ADHD." Watch now at

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Good tool. I need to get back to meditating. I've been doing it more lately. My job is physically demanding though, and I have to be up at 04:50 am to get the day started, so I have to be careful when I do it or it'll just become a nap lol, which, while nice, doesn't help me to focus on the present.

I don't like quiet... even my body follows suite🤩

I came across the word mindfulness while googling "non Judgemental" It described me to a t lol, I have never meditated, I just always put my feet in the shoes of others, I accept people for who they are and I have no expectations . perhaps this is because of my ADHD which is so debilitating, I do not try to fit in to this 9-5 money orientated man-made existance I believe ADHD to be evolution, some day we will all be ADHD

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