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Whenever I go to a physician or any kind of medical place, ie; exray, lab or any type I have never been to before, I find when they want a list of current meds, I leave out the adderall because I’m embarrassed being an adult and having been dx with adult adhd approximately ten years ago. Common sense tells me it’s dangerous to do that, but I feel like I’ll be judged in a negative way. Again, I shouldn’t let my health be determined by something so trivial, but I still do. I’ve noticed myself doing it a lot as my husband and I moved from New England to the Midwest just a year ago, so having to get established with new docs, hospitals, etc; has made me truly realize my feelings of being judged.

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I would be lying if I said I am completely open with people about my ADHD, because you are right people can be extremely judgy (I am from the Midwest so I can attest that we are not all jerks...a lot are, but not all). however, when it comes to your health some of that apprehension has to go out the window. ADHD medication can interact with other medication in a myriad of ways, some of which can be life threatening; your doctor needs to know what you are already taking before treating you. plus, their are confidentiality laws that prevent any medical professionals from sharing your info with anyone you haven't expressly approved.

More essentially you should be comfortable with the physician you are going to, if you aren't then you should go to someone else. I am spoiled by having an amazing doctor but I had to go threw a few before I found the right one. finely, always keep in mind that anyone in the medical industry has undoubtedly encountered things far more embarrassing and judge-worthy then ADHD.


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