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32 and fired again

Has anyone struggled with keeping a steady job because of their ADHD symptoms? I've been fired for the second time in my life. I wasn't being treated for my ADHD yet, (was in the process) and the job was heavily detailed-oriented. It was a nightmare for me, no matter how hard I tried to do my best. Being a coordinator of anything is probably not a good fit.

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Only once before I was on Ritalin, now I win employee awards. Not sure why the medication is so hard to get. Made such a difference in my life and I can do things I never thought I could before.

Best of luck!


OMG, yes. I encountered coworkers at Target who were appalled that I've had like 12 jobs (At the time I was 33, but I'm 35 now - I got fired from Target too - kept getting my work schedule confused)


I feel you! It's so hard to control the symptoms of ADHD even though you try and try. My boss probably thought I was an idiot and lazy but really I was trying so hard, bringing work home, working on Sundays. Ugh, just want to be in control of my life but ADHD makes it so difficult!


I'm 60 and jobless ... I'm not sure how to be gainful towards retirement ...

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Anybody want to start a company?


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