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Hormonal Acne Returned After a Year


This is my first post on this site so I apologize if I ramble. I first started to get acne when I was seventeen - mostly around the chin and jaw area. The next five years were spent trying prescription creams, birth control, and antibiotics until last July I decided to give up dairy. Less than two months later my skin was completely clear (save for the acne scars, which gradually started to fade). I would sometimes get a few pimples during my period but nothing compared to my previous breakouts. About a month ago my skin started to get worse again, and now my acne is as bad as it was a year ago. I still don't eat dairy, and I have a balanced diet. Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone have any ideas?

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For some reason I've noticed that there is not a vast amount of replys regarding acne, etc, I understand how you feel, cutting your dairy products out of your diet is a start and possible reducing sugar intake and chocolate may help, seeing as I'm a male I'm not sure if it's a hormone thing, my daughter suffers with her skin and she's just started evening primrose capsules which I believe can help, I've heard of an old wives cure, and that's drinking boiled barley, I believe it doesn't taste very nice,but it's meant to help cleanse the blood, maybe worth taking advice from a health nutritionist on this one, maybe a facial sauna could help, sorry its not the best shout up, hope you get a few more replies, good luck.

RosaInglesa in reply to Cb1963

Thank you for your advice. I really appreciate it. I'll definitely give your tips a try. I hope your daughter's skin improves as well - if she prefers more natural remedies, Matcha green tea has many benefits for the skin and health in general. Thanks again.

I wish I had advice! Ive been struggling for years with adult acne. Ive reduced dairy but need to restrict myself more and eat healthier! I also struggle with hormonal imbalances. But I feel like diet is everything. Has anything changed in your life? Stress, medication, or anything else? Your success after dairy free us giving me motivation! How fast did you see results?


Nothing in my life has changed which is why I was so frustrated when my acne came back. I saw results within a month when I first cut out dairy. Wishing you luck.

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