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Roaccutane tips

Hi everyone!

I just joined this group tonight. Today I went to the dermatologist and they have prescribed me with roaccutane. I’m 20 years old and have suffered with acne for the past 3/4 years. I just wondered if anyone had any tips or advice for me before taking it. Has it worked for you? Is there anything you would recommend when on roaccutane?

Thank you in advance,

Tayla x

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Hi Tayla. I’ve taken Roaccutane twice in the last 30 year’s, once when I was around 25 and suffered with really bad cystic acne and last year when I was 49 as being peri-menopausal triggered another bout of cystic acne, although not as bad this time thankfully. In between those times my skin was blemish free and I have never regretted taking Roaccutane. The worst symptoms you are likely to experience are dry skin, particularly dry lips. I recommend either La Roche Posey Lipikar for moisturising dry patches on your body. I would also invest in Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream for your lips or Eucerin do a really good lip balm. I also found Cetaphil in my local chemist which is also a good cheap body lotion. Although the symptoms can be a real pain, stick with it as it’s really worth the end result. Congratulations on getting your Roaccutane, you are on the road to blemish free skin which I am sure will boost your confidence no end.

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Wow... thank you so much for your advice. Thanks for letting me know which products helped you as well! I’ll be sure to check them out :)


Now read what I went through really do your homework it’s not good stuff


It was very good for me - my skin became so clear but unfortunately it returned years later yet nowhere near as bad so I’m using something else.

I do recommend it though and only suffered dryness around the lips and nose.

Be careful of the sun - I’m sure you know all that but if you’re pale you can burn more harshly.


Did your white cell count go down mine did and I had to go off after a month


Hi Tayla,

Im 29 and took Roaccutane for 6 months, finished a couple of months ago. Undoubtedly there are side effects but for me it’s was the last resort and the best decision I made. I had terrible acne at puberty, after a year of hell I was put in Dianette and took that and then Yasmin and Dianette again until I was 27 and told I couldn’t have it anymore. The acne cane back fast and SO bad. Nothing worked and I tried everything. Then roaccutane.. results are fab. Having battled with GP’s for years it was my dermatologist who pushed them to check for PCOS which turns out as I had suspected is the cause of my acne.

I was on a very high dose so did get a fair amount of side effects. Sorry if it’s too much info, but just in case something helps.

Hydrate! Drink water, as much as you can.

My dermatologist was great and gave me cetaphil samples and just good advise to my questions (some seemed weird at the time).

Of course everyone’s skin is different but this worked for me:

Cetaphil Cleanser

Cetaphil moisturiser

(Big pump bottles from amazon are great value - i decanted into travel bottles so I was never without.)

Hycosan extra eye drops

Body Shop vitamin E Moisture-Protect Lip (multipack as I had them scattered everywhere).

Altruist sunscreen (Amazon)

(Body shop olive shower gel and body butter for my body)

Your skin will be delicate. Be careful in the shower etc of heat. If washing your face use lukewarm water, don’t scrub and pat dry.

Pat moisturiser in face rather than rubbing.

Removing makeup:

I got to the point I just gave up with face makeup because of the discomfort and flaking but when I did I carefully used Cetaphil cleanser, got what I could off in shower, then used the moisturiser on cotton pads to gently wipe off any leftovers.


I have very dark hair, almost overnight I had some serious head flakes!

At first I thought oh it must be dandruff and used shampoo meant for that.. BIG mistake. Instantly my scalp stung and burnt and I spend the next 15mins with my head under a cold shower!

If you notice your scalp drying try a natural, less fragranced shampoo/conditioner. I found my scalp was so dry I only used shampoo every 10-14days. When ‘washing’ hair between through paranoyer of stink I just used conditioner. Every couple of weeks I would do a head/scalp treatment using Jojoba oil (I got a bottle of eBay).

State of mind:

In honesty yes there were times I felt low, but in comparison to how I felt dealing with acne it was manageable and passed.

Because of the doesage I didn’t drink any alcohol at all whilst on roaccutane.

Rest and sleep when your body tells you to.

‘Weird’ / embarrassing side effects :

According to my dermatologist these were not weird but I hadn’t seen them mentioned before:

1) Thrush

2) Can’t remember name but started as dry nose. Then blow nose, nose bleed, more blocked up nose. Felt rank. Turns outs it a common side effect. Think bacterial. Dermatologist wrote prescription for a cream which was a relief and i had to use throughout the duration.

Sorry for the essay!


This is AMAZING advice!!! I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to write this, it really means a lot😌 I must say I am nervous to start but as you have mentioned, I keep thinking it can’t be any worse than how I’m feeling right now and I know it will be worth it in the end. Thank you for the advice on products you used and makeup tips, they’re super helpful! I don’t wear a lot of makeup at all during the week but normally at the weekend I would do a full face of makeup so this will be interesting... Once again, thank you for taking time out of your day to help me x


I’m starting on Accutane tomorrow. I’m almost 52 and in pre menopause which the dermatologist said that was the cause. She also is putting me on prednisone for a month which i really don’t want to take that but she said its for inflammation and reddish. I only really only have acne on one cheek the rest has cleared up so I’m going to ask the pharmacist when i pick everything up tomorrow if i should take prednisone lots of side effects and one is weight gain I don’t want that...I’m really worried of course about my face getting worse before it gets better and i live with aniexty also which absolutely doesnt help all this


Have you tried acnecide - benzoyl peroxide? You can get it over the counter. I’m in my forties and my acne has returned but I was recommended this and it’s worked for me.


Hi Tayla i just started Accutane today and I’m 51. I was diagnosed with cystic acne last month but as you know you have to go for blood work before they even start you on this stuff, so I waited for that then had to drive 4 hours to see dermatologist. I’m hoping this journey is going to be easy and Ill be able to stay on this for the full 6 months. Going to be along summer


Don’t take it I just write a post