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Acne treatment doesn’t seem to be working



I’m 20 years old and I have moderate acne on my chin and cheeks and along my jaw line. I didn’t used to be affected by it but since being on Lymecycline for just under 2 months and Acnecide cream once a day it has just become more and more irritated. It’s really getting me down as I’m not wearing make up and I train in musical theatre so it’s not nice to see it everyday like this in the studio mirrors. I am back at the doctors on Tuesday but does anyone have any advice on here?

I’d really appreciate it

Jess x

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Hi, maybe if the lymecycline tablets also contain lactose, which the tablets I was given many years ago contained, it could be you are now reacting to lactose which I do. Every time I ingest any milk products I come up with acne type lesions plus a number of other symptoms. So long as I do not have any lactose my skin is fine. Just a thought!

Oh I see!! I didn’t think about this. That’s really helpful, I will talk to the doctor about it this week. Thank you!

Hi Jess, sorry to hear that. I am feeling down about my acne too. Mine is mostly on my chin and some on my cheeks. Mostly cystic and a few white heads.

I believe mine is from anxiety and touching my face a lot. Then when I have an anxiety attack I go and squeeze.

The worst part is .. I'm a trained beauty therapist and almost definitely know better. Especially as now I am 28 I have started to get lots of scarring.

Do you think this is something you may subconsciously do?

Hello, thanks so much for your reply I really appreciate it. I think mine is due to hormones and stress, it starts to get better and then worse again it’s really strange. Currently I have come off the antibiotics and cream because that was making it bad so I am trying everything natural and herbal. Sorry to hear it’s getting you down too, it’s horrible isn’t it ☹️ I do pick but only when they are ready to come out the skin because I can’t stand walking around with one on my face! But maybe that could be one of the problems. My mum is a nutrionalist and she is trying to help me out with things to take herbally. It is really embarrassing though to have to walk around with it in public.

Is there anything you do naturally that helps?


Try doxycycline it’s the strongest cycline if that don’t work request roaccutane

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