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Is this acne?


I am 62 years old and at the age of 37 I started to suffer from spots for the first time in my life.

It began with a crop of tiny red spots with fluid filled tiny blister on my chin. One Doctor said it was excema another said acne. I have also got patches on my back and chest.

I have tried several lotions and potions but nothing has really helped. I seemed to get this a couple of times a year, last for a few months then it clears, only to return a few months later. I now get the spots around my nose and more recently between my eyebrows.

I am hypothyroid. I cannot point anything that sets these episodes off.

Does this sound like adult acne or something else.

Thank you.

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Hi lucylocks, thanks for your post. I'm sorry to hear you are suffering with a skin complaint. I'm not medically trained so unable to confirm the diagnosis, but I know how frustrating it is to see a doctor and be told different things and sent home, to have the symptoms appear again. I had to visit my GP over 10 times before I was referred to a dermatologist for specialist help. I think the best thing would be to see you doctor again (if possible, whilst the symptoms are present) and emphasise the impact it is having on your life. I know you said you don't know what brings on these bouts of symptoms, but do you notice anything which makes it better? Or anything which makes it worse? Bex


Many thanks for your reply.

the only thing that does bring the pimples out is the sun, but this has only happened a few times.

I will have to visit the Doctor again.

Best wishes.


On reading this my first thought was acne roscea, but your doctor would have diagnosed this. My sister has it and the sun always brings it out. Have a google and see what you think. x


Many thanks for your reply,

yes I will google it, thank you.


To me, it rather sounds like "Transient Acantholytic Dermatosis" Another name to conjurer with is "Grover's Disease". This produces spot and itches and should they fade a red blotchy skin involves. Various Cortisone creams can be applied which helps and relieves the itching some what, but as I was told it comes and goes, usually last for a year or so. NOT TRUE, I have been inflicted by this troublesome disease now for two and half years. Yes it quietens down but then returns with a bump. Not pleasant. I am 85, therefore they say the skin is old doesn't rejuvenate as it use too. So, there doesn't look for a recovery, just learn to live with it. Sad but true.

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Many thanks for replying,

I have never heard of this and have just had a quick google and yes it does look very similar.

Sorry to hear you are suffering from it and it has been going on for two and half years.

My recent episode seems to be going on much longer than normal.

Like you say it is troublesome.

Best wishes.

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