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Cystic acne


Was on accutane for a month and had to go back for bloodwork before I got the next box. They took me off cause my white cell count and neutrophils were to low. They asked me to go to emerge right away which I did and the doctor says he’s 95 percent sure it’s from accutane. They sent bloodwork to pathologist and I go see family doc Wednesday my aniexty level is through the roof

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I have cystic acne as well and on the same mess. What happened with you in the end

piesher44 in reply to SuzieQue59

I had to come off of accutane did you white cell count go low also. I’m now on spiralactone 25 mg to help with facial hair hormones and apparently female baldness but this med is used for high blood pressure to among other things message me in Facebook if you like Sherrie Dault

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