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IEP meeting

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I have an IEP MEETING TOMORROW. My first time doing this so I would like to know what they’re going to do or how the meeting will run ahead of time. Thanks!

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Since this is the first meeting, can I suggest that in the next meeting you ask for any reports or updates be given to you ( any time, 1 week, 3 days, etc.)

Please make sure that there is someone from Special Education ( admin. ). They should introduce everyone in the meeting.

They should discuss your parental rights, since this is your first time I recommend you get a copy of them and explain them.

They should ask you about your concerns and your children strengths.

I assume this is a meeting where they are going to go over assessments they have done. Once they go over their assessments they will tell you if they recommend your child qualify for service. If they qualify your child they will tell you what Primary and our secondary disability will be listed. These are areas that your child needs goals and service with.

If you child does not qualify they will explain if they think they qualify for an 504 educational plan instead of an IEP. This will allow for accommodations and if needed modifications (special seating, extra time on assignments, reduced number of problems). Most likely if your child has ADHD they will say "Other Health Impaired".

Depending what state you live in they may review state testing accommodations.

If your child qualifies, they will then discuss what goal areas they want to work on. They should present the goals.

They should then discuss FAPE ( free and appropriate public education) this is the amount of time they will work with your child. They could tell you if the service is inside the classroom ("Push In") or outside the classroom ("Pull out").

They could discuss summer school if needed

You may then asked if you agree the every part of the IEP. They should ask if you want to sign now if you agree or take time to think about it.

This is a lot to cover in one meeting, do not feel pressured to sign. You can take time and read over things and ask questions.

I think this is a good summary..

Let me know if you have any questions. Always here to help..

Checking in on you..If you are comfortable sharing, how did it go?

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Sy5636 in reply to Onthemove1971

Thank You. He qualifies for IEP based on auditory and phonological processing deficits (Are you familiar with this?) They explained everything thoroughly so I really didn’t have any questions until now (it was a lot to take in) and I have the school psychologist email she said I can reach out for questions I may have after the meeting. He gets pulled out for special services 2-3days per week an hour (or 45min) each time.

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Onthemove1971 in reply to Sy5636

Sounds like they did a great job. Take time to process it all. They are there for you if you have any questions. Also if you need to do not wait 1 year for the next meeting if you have more concerns.

I am so happy for you and your son..

Take care!

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