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Symptoms of anxiety and depression

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For those families who have kids with ADHD along with Anxiety and/or Depression. What symptoms did they show that they have it?

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Our son has mild anxiety and depression along with combined type adhd. The depression makes him isolate a lot, and claim that nothing is good or fun. Even if he appeared to be having an amazing time he won’t remember or describe it that way. His anxiety is very internal. But he forgets more things, and just acts more helpless than he usually would.

Did a doctor or counselor diagnose your child? Didn’t they give you anything to look for?

Both of my grandsons, in their teens, have dealt with anxiety/ depression. Oldest one is on an antidepressant along with his other meds.They would get overwhelmed and stressed in social situations. The older one was just sad all the time, withdrew from family activities and stayed in his room all of the time.

Both still have lots of anxiety even with meds but go to counseling to learn to manage it.

My son is 13 now and has fairly major anxiety and some depression. In retrospect, he was showing some signs of anxiety through early childhood but I didn't pick up on it. I thought it was just natural stress. Then two years ago he had some type of breakdown. His anxiety buiilds up as anger and he has to let it out so he loses his temper a lot and takes it out on family members. At least he is not physical so I guess it could be worse. Medications have not worked at all. He has not been able to attend school during covid and was not able to go back when it resumed in April. He's on an IEP and the school is finally going to put him in a special class with a mental health professional. He is extroverted but he lost a lot of friends due to being isolated during covid so I'm hoping he makes new friends if he can go to school.

Not sure how old your child is but my 6 year old son has anxiety. Looking back it started with separation at drop off times/daycare or if we wanted to do a date night. Even leaving him with grandparents. This past year I noticed way more social anxiety, complaining of his forehead being hot(headache), stomach aches that would come and go, him wanting to almost always stay home rather than go places, and even if he would get excited about the thought of spending time with my parents..5 minutes later he would say actually I want to stay with mom. I could also tell he was more emotional and even his body just seemed more rigid and uncomfortable sometimes. Also bed time anxiety was really bad Nightmares and fear of having them. It really has impacted his life/entire family. We just started him on fluoxetine 5mg along with having him see a therapist that was recommended to us.

Sounds like my daughter. She will be 11 in September. She has ADHD Combined, ODD, OCD, Anxiety-NOS, Selective Muteism and Sensory Issues; also be live she is on the Spectrum. When she was in person before pandemic; she would always say her head hurt or her stomache hurt real bad, and it feels like she is going to throw up. She would be tardy to school every day. She would never tell anyone she didn't feel good. Twice in Kindergarten I went to lunch with her; we sat down, I could tell something was off. I asked her if she was OK she said she didn't feel good and her throat and both ears hurt, it hurts to swallow mommy can we just go home. Too her to doctor she had double ear infection and step. :( :( When she was 6 and 7 she was worried about people dying including total strangers. Now pandemic I am afraid to send my daughter to school in person for she does get teased at school. She doesn't see but she knows because ahe masks it pr try well but her Anxiety is through the roof all day. When she gets home she takes it all out on me. Since she has been home learning remotely she hasn't complained as much and anxiety is lower. Not on any medications.

Im sorry your kiddo is going through that. I cannot imagine going through each day with moderate to severe anxiety myself let alone as a young child. Then throw adhd and whatever else on top of it. Have you thought about medications? And therapy? I look at it as if my son had diabetes or ashthma would I keep meds from him that could make him feel better? Of course not. Adhd and anxiety/depression deserves the same care and attention. Even though my son is 6 he has verbalized how much better he feels when he takes his meds. He feels more in control of his body and thoughts. He is excited about talking to his therapist and is happy that we are trying a new med for his anxiety. I am always honest with him so he understands why and what we are doing. We go over which med does what. I truly feel this helps them feel more in control and part of their health than mom/dad just saying here take these. I think the fact that he can recognize his progress is empowering and will help him feel more secure as he grows.

I totally get that medicine for medical needs (Asthma and Diabetes). They can be life saving. My daughter is diagnosed with a bunch of different things and the medicine she could take for one clashes with each other. Right now I am homeschooling her and we aren't doing/going hardly anywhere (she isn't vacinated for Covid too young). Her Anxiety is way down since not going to school in person. Right now the things she is diagnosed with are not life threatening. She doesn't like talking to the school nurse, school phycoligist, any of her teachers (K-4) or the school principle. She also doesn't like taking medicine at all. When she is sick and has to take antibiotic it is truely a nightmare. As she gets older and if she starts to sink into dark corners of Depression/Anxiety or anything elese that she needs medicine for I will check it out at that time. She also has told me she likes herself as she is and the medicine would take that away from her and she doesn't want that. Thanks for your input. I understand.

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