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Adhd teen on her way to college

Hi. I am new to the group but welcome feedback from other parents.

My 17 yo daughter, fairly recently diagnosed with innatentavie adhd, is on her way to college in a few weeks. I know she needs to lean how to be more aware of her impulsive behavior and how to regulate it. I know I need to back off and let her grow up and make her own mistakes, but she came home drunk the other night from a party, and now I am even more concerned about her going away.

How do other parents let their kids learn and grow with out going out of their minds with worry?

I appreciate any advice or coping strategies.


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Welcome.Most children with ADHD function about 2 years younger than there age. So she really would be acting and functioning like a 15 year old.

ADHD is a Neuro-Development disorder so child do not have the ability to control themselves.

The tools that help them best are: medication, thearpy and an educational plan. It often also helps fo learn how best to parent children who struggle with self control. Maybe you could consider starting therapy for her so she can get needed help.

Best of luck.

I am so happy for you and for her. I wish her success! I look forward to the day when my son will join me here in USA,where he can continue with his education. Nigeria education system does not recognize this special need in our unique children!

HiI wonder if you have access to a coach?

If this is possible it may be a good way to step back a bit but for her to still have support.

My son goes away next month. The worry is a knot in my stomach. We do our best to prepare them, but knowing we can't stop life from happening. It's like letting go of the bicycle when they are little, knowing it needs to happen, but fearing the result when they eventually fall and get hurt. Except now they will be (possibly) hundreds or thousands of miles away and out of your reach to help them out when they stumble or fall.

I plan to call the college soon to talk to advisors there and figure out what we can do to make sure someone can be there to check in with him and he can turn to for answers. Otherwise we just keep trying out best to prepare him (I quized my son the other day on how to do laundry, for example).

Hi Since reading the original post I have come across further advice around this issue. The recent ADDitude magazine article and also the Child Mind Institute also had an article which can be found under college in their A-Z of topics.

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