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ADHD Weekly -- What to Ask Your Child’s Doctor About New ADHD Medications

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Two new ADHD medications entered the market in this spring. What questions should parents ask before they are prescribed? Read more at

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Hi, Dr. Arnold mentions the most important thing to consider with a new medication is cost. As a parent, I have to disagree. I have reviewed the Azstarys label and noticed it has a faster onset than others at 30 minutes and the release is more consistent throughout the day than other ADHD medications. No more crashes would be great! Also, in trials the height and weight loss was statistically insignificant, which is very important for my child and most other parents I know. Finally, it appears Azstarys has a lower abuse potential, being 70% Schedule IV. That paired with knowing the developer's child has ADHD makes me more confident that he was developing this medication to be the safest available. For these reasons, this is the best ADHD drug that will be available, hopefully by school start in the fall. To focus on cost first ahead of more important factors such as the health of our children is a shame of the article and does a disservice to your readers. Thank you for reading.

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