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Suddenly Talking in an Accent

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Has anyone else's child started talking in an accent? My child has not traveled, not heard any accents. It started that he would say

"yea" instead of "yeah",

"yuh" instead if "you,"

"Tuh" for "to"

Now he is pronouncing everything weird...

Blayst vs blast

Fayst vs fast

Evengers vs Avengers

Epartment vs apartment

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Welcome to the group!From what you are describing it sounds more like slang?

Honestly, if I were in your shoes, as annoying as it was I would ignore it. I am sure this is just another stage he is going through.

If he has access to any "teenager media", that is most likely where he heard it.

Good luck

We live in California, CA. My 10 year old daughter likes to talk with a British accent. She's been doing it on and off for about 3 years. I find it really interesting. I hope this will help her with learning the accent for another language when she is in high school. We don't know anyone who speaks with the particular British accent she uses. I think she got it from the movie "Parent Trap". Her friends and her like creating their own languages to talk to each other with during recess/lunch. Many of her friends speak another language (Mandarin, Russian, German, Ukraine, Spanish, etc.) at home with their family. But I have no idea why she picked a British accent. It's a different British accent from the one Gordon Ramsey speaks with when we watch Master Chef Junior.

There are loads of ways he could have heard an accent. A friend or adult at school, a YouTube channel or other online sources, movies, etc. I think some people are more prone to picking up those things than others. I grew up in CA but I picked up a bit of a MN accent when I started dating my now husband. Even though he had lost most of his MN accent, just talking to his family over the phone was enough. Another example is that after just one week in Ireland, all the English in my head had an Irish accent and it took all I had not to speak that way! (Didn’t want to seem like a poser tourist, lol.)

It might seem strange, but I think it will serve him well when he starts studying another language. I seem to pick up new languages and their pronunciations more quickly than others.

Yes mine goes through phases of this- usually British accent for him

I agree that it's probably a phase that will correct on its own. Unless it's offensive in some way, I would ignore it for now. Most of my sons unusual speech patterns come from watching youtubers (although some of his early words sounded British from watching Peppa Pig)...

That phase ended pretty quickly. It was only a week or two. For some reason I was worried that his speech would be stuck that way forever.

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