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Broad Spectrum Micronutrients

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For those of you who use micronutrients, I am starting my 15 yr. old tomorrow. I could use a little encouragement. If you are having a good experience, I would love to hear it. Also, if you don’t mind sharing, does your child still take some meds in conjunction with the micronutrients or are they just doing micronutrients? Keeping my fingers crossed that this helps my son.

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We're fairly new to micronutrients (just starting month 2) but in that first couple weeks it seemed like he could focus better. I was hoping to wean off stimulants per recommendation of our Hardy Nutritionals consultant, but husband and 10 yr old son has other ideas and we just stopped them. At this point I would say that nutrients are better than doing nothing and his diet is awful so he needs them anyway... and he's willing to swallow the pills which is a big plus. We're sending him to an ADHD/Dyslexia specialized private school next year so that will do more than any meds I'm hoping.

My 12 year old with adhd combined type as well as dyslexia is taking all of these products.

Long story short was looking to help his body deal with the vyvanse 30 mg he was taking to have better rebound at night and in morning. Plus I know meds can leach minerals over time.

Found a integrated health doctor who was a year out for new patientsbut her secretary told me I could do appointment over email. I sent the hair sample, in a few weeks she sent me the results along with an action plan. emailed me the results on his scan that showed brain and small intestine were the most affected areas

This dr. Claimed my son had high levels of lead in his brain, she said that his brain was inflamed due to a cytokines (bad protein) leeking from his gut through the brain barrier. She have me a list of prescription and I picked them up.

3 tinctures with weird formulations that he takes 8 drops 3/ day and 1/2 ts of biome ion which is water from very old soil that is unpuluted. Then I bout the best micronutrient her office carries and added it to his routine.

I told my husband please do this....we will have a party and flush it down the toilet if it doesn’t work after 30 days.

It’s been 45 days and he acts very different in a good way. I got a note saying he’s extremely focused in reading today” he actually scored a goal and he is not good at soccer. He doesn’t complain of brain fog and dizziness anymore. He will actually do a NON preferred activity without complaining. I have received 0 call from his principal suspending him. There have been no fires or destroyed items in my houseZ. My 3 other children will be around him which is the true test. I feel his nervous system is calmer, he is not quick to anger and he’s willing to switch activities without complaining. He sleeps at night and has gained some appetite back even though I still have him on the vyvanse. This is the lowest level of anxiety I’ve had since he was 5 years old.

Do I believe in the hippie concoctions my son is taking....I believe in what works so I love this dr❤️

The micronutrients my son is taking

THANK YOU for sharing your success story. I have a very beautifully souled 18 year old son who is very defiant. He’s much calmer and focused on his medication (adererall) but does not take it when he’s not in school. He has actually started smoking marijuana 😒 which we see helps him but will not be able to do this in college because of sports. He says he will definitely go back to his medication when he starts but I think some micronutrients could help balance his energy.

Yaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy! You’re trying something new, and that is always scary. Breathe, take it one day at a time. My son has been on broad spectrum micronutrients for two years and three months. Today he came home from school with his report card, all As and Es. The teacher wrote a note about how much she enjoyed having him in her class. Now, if someone would have asked me if I thought this would ever happen two years and four months answer would have been no. We were at a breaking point when he began trying them. You cross your fingers, you hope, you pray. All of us here have tried a lot of different things. That’s what you’re’re trying. I am wishing your family the best, and I am crossing fingers and praying for you guys in hopes you have a great experience with the Hardy DEN like we have.

Yay - Go for it!!! My daughter (9) started Hardy DEN plus a lot of Omega 3 nearly two years ago because stimulants had too many side effects on her and made her a lot more irritable. So we gave it a try and after 3 weeks they kicked in! It nearly felt like I had a different child - calmer, more patient and understanding, less explosive and irritable. She is doing so much better with these!!! Last year in spring our pediatrician asked us to take her off for two weeks before we had a couple blood tests done. So we did. After these two weeks we could really tell. It was not obvious after the first few days off, but became totally clear at the end. She quickly improved again after we started taking DEN and the Omega´s again. We might have to add a medication again later as academically she is struggling more now in 3rd grade compared to first, so when it gets more challenging we might have to look into other medication again in addition to the micronutrients, but then will surely need a lower dose. So I can totally recommend micronutrients and hope the will also work for your son! (Did I mention my husband also started taking them and also feels more focused and calmer?).

Thanks for all the replies! I love this group. That said, if anyone else wants to share their experience, please do.

How do Broad Spectrum Micronutrients differ from other vitamins? We have my son on SmartyPants, Omega 3's, Iron, Zinc, Probiotics, and Magnesium. Are these somehow different? Are there appropriate doses for a 5 year old child who is 40 lbs? He is able to swallow pills.

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I’m not sure I can answer your question, but the brand I am using is Hardy Nutritionals if you want to research.

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